>Britta’s Cafe — hefty for breakfast

Come to this little cafe on UCI campus and be prepared to pay! You also get complimentary baked goods such as raisin scones, banana bread and nut bread to pass the time waiting for your order. While other items definitely weren’t worth the price, the French toast (pictured) was unique in that it uses a brioche type bread with a hint of orange flavor. Portions are big enough for 2 smaller appetites if you get a side of something as well. Didn’t think the other stuff such as omelettes or the Monte Cristo were anything to write home about as they were just so-so. $14-$15 average for things like eggs Benedict, omelettes, and there like of is really too steep in my book, even moreso for a campus restaurant.

Britta’s Cafe, 4245 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA 92612. Tel: 949-509-1211

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    >yeah, WAY too expensive! But I guess I could’ve guessed since The Veggie Grill is next door and they are expensive too, but I actually think VG’s food is tastier!

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