enjoying great burgers at Burger Lounge

For someone who doesn’t eat a lot of burgers, I’ve been having plenty lately and am posting back to back burger posts with Smashburger last week and now, Burger Lounge. I’ve seen it often whenever I’m down in San Diego and my friends would say “let’s go try it” and I always say “next time”. Well, that “next time” has come.

There are several locations and the one we went to is located in the Kensington area. I love the orange hues (one of my favorite colors) and the upscale diner look of the cozy restaurant was very chic and modern.


The menu is simple but caters to everyone’s tastes. I love how they use 100% grass fed beef on the burgers, but also offers turkey and vegetarian options.

The classic is The Lounge Burger ($7.95) with your choice of organic white cheddar or American topped with fresh or grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and a house-made 1000 Island dressing.

lounge burger (640x425)

Smaller appetites can opt for the Baby Lounge Burger ($5.95) in beef, turkey or vegetarian. They’re smaller, but enough for me if I were to eat it on its own. We tried the Free Range Turkey ($7.95) in the baby size and I thought it was really juicy and flavorful, not at all what turkey burgers usually taste like.

turkey (640x425)

The vegetarian Quinoa Burger ($7.95) suffices in taste but I’d much rather eat a meaty burger so this isn’t for me, but, a respectable vegetarian option.

quinoa (640x425)

Right now they are serving the Smokey Wild Boar ($9.95) burger which should not be missed. The pattie is so flavorful and oozing with great flavors we gobbled it all down even though we were so full. The onion rings added a wonderful crunch and the touch of barbecue sauce did not overpower at all.

wild boar (640x425)

I’m a sucker for fried sides, especially Onion Rings ($3.99/$4.99), which weren’t too greasy and not overladen with batter.

onion rings (640x425)

French Fries ($2.99/$3.99) are my favorite potato item, as I’m not a fan of potatoes, and these were lovely and crispy and I couldn’t stop eating them.

fries (640x425)

If you’re a fan of floats, do not miss out on the Lounge Float ($4.95) with either Mexican Coke, ginger beer, Fanta Orange or Maine Root Soda. We chose the latter and it was quite delectable and not overly sweet.

root beer float (640x425)

The restaurant just added some gluten free menu and gluten free bun is 95 cents extra in either Lounge Burger or Baby Lounge sizes. The quinoa salad is a good gluten free addition to the menu.

Organic Quinoa Salad (640x427)

I wish there was a Burger Lounge in Orange County. Right now they are only in San Diego and Los Angeles and I’m waiting for the day they open one near me!

Burger Lounge
4116 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116
Tel: 619-584-2929

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