Orange County


Pueblo is here to stay

Ever since moving to Orange County almost 10 years ago, it’s been tough finding good Spanish tapas. Whenever we visit San Francisco, we always make sure to visit Zarzuela, our favorite tapas restaurant, to get our fix. The first time I visit Pueblo is 10 months ago, back in November last year — really, has it […]



A Las Vegas reunion ends with an Italian dinner at Fiamma

It is always difficult when there is a large group involved. The task of getting everyone to agree on where to eat is a daunting one. Over the weekend, I was in Vegas for a reunion, and on the last night, we visited Fiamma Trattoria & Bar at the MGM Grand. A friend of a friend […]


Neon Museum — Las Vegas

I’ve been to Las Vegas so many times, and there were two places I’d been wanting to visit on numerous occasions — the Liberace Museum and The Neon Museum. Interestingly, it is during the tour of The Neon Museum that I find out the Liberace Museum has since closed. The Neon Museum tour lasts about an hour and […]

San Diego


Bottega Americano — San Diego

Bottega Americano is beautiful, however, visiting during lunch has its pros and cons. Pros include being able to see every intricacy the decor has to offer. The cons? Not being able to taste everything the restaurant has to offer. I am in awe of the space and spend a little time wandering around while I wait […]


wine dinners at Vista Valley Country Club

It is a beautiful day and we are driving south on I-5 freeway headed towards Fallbrook. We stop to visit some friends and enjoy some beautifully luscious avocados before making the short drive to Vista Valley Country Club, hidden within the hills of Vista, so much so you wouldn’t even know it is there. We drive […]

spot prawns

Catania is a perfect addition to La Jolla’s dining scene

Whenever I am in San Diego, it is always difficult to choose where to dine. So many restaurants new and old, and so little time to try them all. On this evening, we dine at Catania, and arrive just as the sun is setting. It is beautiful and romantic, providing a wonderful backdrop for the night […]

Los Angeles

salt and pepper shrimp

a grand old time at Mr Chow

I was invited to dinner at Mr Chow Beverly Hills this week to taste some wines from Terlato Winery. Mr John Terlato, a third generation vintner presented seven of his wines during the meal. As Mr Terlato says, “Chinese food is difficult to pair with wines, and we are here, together, to taste and decide which […]

breakfast pizza

Restauration — Long Beach

Another venture into Long Beach, this time, lunch at Restauration. We arrive to a beautifully quaint place and I stop for a moment to admire it. It is utterly charming. I snap a few photos before the dining room fills up, but then realize it is the patio where everyone is sitting. I’m not usually […]