diary of a Mad Hungry Woman began in 2008 as a food journal and has slowly evolved into a restaurant critique site. It follows the food adventures of Anita Lau, a 20-year-plus veteran in the food writing business. For the last five years, the site has focused solely on the culinary, but with the new year, there are new things in store for diary of a Mad Hungry Woman. Food will always be the main focus, but other things close to Anita’s heart will also be featured including the arts, and some skincare products will be featured in the Lifestyles category. A Travel category has also been added to feature getaways the Mad Hungry Woman takes whether it be out-of-state, overseas, or just staycations within southern California.

This is a journey into the ever-evolving world of food, fun and general merriment. As usual, if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment area, but most importantly, come join in the ride of 2015.

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