>BBQ King — king, not a chance!

>Stay away. That’s all I can say. Stay away! That’s what we shoulda done. In Chinese, this restaurant’s name means “Number One BBQ restaurant”, but by no means should you take that to heart because it’s number one in only one thing — bad food!

How can a place claim to be number one bbq place when their bbq pork is fluorescent in color and displays absolutely no flavor whatsoever? We got the roast duck and bbq pork combo over rice and boy, what a mistake that was. My son didn’t want to eat it. When I asked him to eat it he said “I’m not hungry, I just want the rice”. That alone tells me that it was gross.

The wontons in soup was passable, not stellar, but edible at least. Don’t let the photo fool you either. It may look tasty but it ends there. Trust me, there are loads of similar restaurants in Vegas with far better food. Just stay away from this one.

BBQ King, 5650 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89146. Tel: 702-364-8688

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