>Utopia Cafe — SF Chinatown claypot rice

I’ve been craving claypot rice forever so when I had a moment’s free time while in SF Chinatown, I went and got myself some! This place is known for its claypot rice and it didn’t take me long to choose the one I wanted — ground pork pattie with salty fish (pictured). It took forever to arrive, but that’s because they cook it fresh when you order it. When it finally arrived, it was a heaping pot of rice topped with my pork pattie and salty fish. I drizzled the soy sauce over the top and watched as it sizzled and let loose a huge waft of steam. When I finally dug in, I was in pure heaven. The crust had developed on the bottom and I savored every single bite of it. Of course it was way too much for me to finish it so I took half of it back and ate the rest of it later on that night! It was a real late night treat! The wonton soup here is also very good, almost as good as that in Hong Kong — but not quite! Fried tofu cubes is another winner!

Utopia Cafe, 139 Waverly Place, San Francisco, CA 94108. Tel: (415) 956-2902

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