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What’s better than picking out your own seafood at a seafood market? Well, picking it out and then having them cook it for you right on the spot and then devouring it immediately. How much better can life get when you get the freshest of seafood from tank to your lips? We got a tray of steamed clams and a dungeness crab steamed au naturel. Clams were attacked first, hence the photo, since by the time I got to the crab, I was in no mood to fish out my camera to take a snapshot of it. I was too busy spooning the crab butter out if the shell and enjoying its rich creamy oozy texture coating the insides of my mouth. Unfortunately on the day of our visit, they didn’t have any uni, but according to the guy there, uni arrives on Thursdays and is usually gone by Sunday. I’ll definitely be making a trip out here for that — one of these days!!

Quality Seafood, 130 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. Tel: 310-372-6408

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    >That sounds daaaaamn good. I heard about this place from Edwin on his MM site. He loved it, you loved it and I can't imagine why I wouldn't too… if I ever get up there. 😉

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