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I won’t claim that this is the best Italian food I’ve ever had, because it isn’t — not by a long shot! But something about Pinocchio’s keeps bringing me back again, and always with the same friend who brought me here in the first place. We first came here for a quick bite in the mid-afternoon, nothing special, just something quick and satisfying. The restaurant is somewhat cafeteria-style, you go through a line, order, get your food, pay and find a place to sit and enjoy. Portions are huge and while the food isn’t going to completely blow you away, you know it’ll be satisfying and you know you won’t leave feeling hungry. The meat lasagna is my friend’s favorite! This whopping plateful of pasta layered with meat sauce is topped with a mound of marinara sauce and I’m just saying — it’s a big massive pile of goopyness to tackle. I’ve also tried the baked ziti (pictured) also drenched in marinara sauce which was just okay. They also have pizzas — which I’m still waiting to try — and I saw someone eat some really tasty looking gnocchi once, but for some reason, my friend will always get the lasagna. You can get a side salad with your meal as well as garlic bread and this is some greasy ass garlic bread, but ohhhhhhhhh soooooooooo goooooood!! And when you’re done with your meal, take a stroll in the adjoining Monte Carlo Deli and if you have room, get some gelato or some biscotti. It’s well worth the trip for a cheap and satisfying meal.

Monte Carlo Deli & Pinocchio’s Restaurant, 3103 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. Tel: 818-845-3516

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