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Ahhhh LA institutions, landmarks which have been around forever, those special places that might not always have the best edibles, but just the fact that they’ve been around for all this time is enough to get me interested in visiting. Now, I’m not a dessert/sweets fan and I generally won’t be visiting Randy’s Donuts even if it was an institution. I’m just not THAT interested in putting a doughnut into my mouth, but once again, a friend who wanted to go down memory lane for a little bit of nostalgia brought me here and I found myself transported momentarily into what has been featured in movies and travel guides alike.

We stopped by Randy’s in the late afternoon, there were a few people in line ahead of us and a few more going through the drive-thru window (yeah that’s way cool! a drive-thru window for doughnuts!) I was glad for the slight wait purely because I wanted to read the menu thoroughly. Since I don’t regularly buy doughnuts I really had no clue what anything was except for the plain cake doughnut, which is my usual selection.

In the end, I selected the plain cake and the buttermilk, and although my friend urged me to get the glazed, I passed. My friend’s selection were the glazed with sprinkles and the crumb cake (pictured right). For some reason, sprinkles make me cringe. The various colors reminds me of bad candy that little kids like to eat and then they make themselves sick on it. I didn’t even want a bite of that! I was quite happy with my choices, however, my excitement sorta ended there when I bit into the plain cake….. it was really dry! I took a few bites and then abandoned it for the buttermilk, which, incidentally, tasted similar to a Chinese ngau leh so (or “ox-tongue pastry) in texture but without the sweetness. I quite liked this.

But in the end, my friend’s crumb cake doughnut was THE best one of the lot. I loved the texture AND the flavor! Surprise, surprise! Randy’s is open 24 hours so if you’re craving a doughnut late at night, or just getting off a flight at LAX and wanting a sweet fix, pop on over to Randy’s! It’s definitely worth a trip just to say you’ve been there!

Randy’s Donuts, 805 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301. Tel: 310-645-470.  Randy’s is also on Twitter

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