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Almost every Saturday you’ll find me at the Irvine Farmer’s Market, bright and early, as I like to get there before 8.30am to beat the crowds.

Most often than not, I’m there on an empty stomach and after I’ve parked my car, my usual trip from the parking lot to the vendors involves walking past the Blackmarket Bakery stand. The array of baked goods are staring me straight in the eye as I go by and often I will march right by them resisting their temptation, but some days, the lure is too strong and I’ll stop and allow myself a little browse.

at the Farmer’s Market

Usually I’ll just stand there for a while because I can’t make up my mind as to which foccacia pocket I want that morning –am I feeling for a roasted red peppers, or am I in the mood for the mushroom? Mmmm eggplant sounds good too! I saw on my last trip, a new addition, an artichoke and garlic pocket bread, but I ended up getting the mushroom instead.

mushroom focaccia

Sweet treats such as scones, pastry twists, cookies are also available for those with a sweet tooth, but what I love about their sweet offerings is that they aren’t super sweet so I’m all for that! Their scones are excellent and I’ve tried several although I can’t tell you now what was in them. The most recent one I bought was an apricot and ginger scone — very tasty! If you’re off to a party or going over to someone’s home, their cookie assortment is a great gift idea, however, my favorite are their Russian tea cookies — perfectly crumbly and totally decadent!

FIFA World Cup cake

If you’ve ever been to Haven Gastropub and have tried their cabernet pasta, you’ll know how crazy good it is and yes, you guessed it, it’s created by Blackmarket Bakery. Various types of cabernet pastas are available for sale and you can bring some home to enjoy. They sell it at the Farmer’s Market as well as their store, but just remember, if you do go to the store, there won’t be as big a selection of non-perishable baked goods on offer. The non-perishables are always plentiful but if you’re wanting to try the foccacias, please just go to the farmer’s market for those because you’ll definitely be disappointed if you go to the store and none are available.

I’ve also tried several cakes made by them — birthday cakes and a FIFA World Cup Final cake at a party I went to — both were incredible and an absolutely perfectly unique way to celebrate a special occasion! Blackmarket Bakery definitely gets a 5-star thumbs up from me!

Blackmarket Bakery, 17941 Sky Park Circle, Irvine, CA 92614. Tel: 949-852-4609 or at the Irvine Farmer’s Market on Saturdays at Campus and Bridge¬†

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