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Breakfast taco

It took me awhile to try Dos Chinos because for the longest time, the lines were so long and I’m just not the type to stand around for food. 

When I finally tried them, I was upset that they only had the shrimp taco left. It took me about 6 months to try everything on their menu and now that I have, I feel I am now ready to review them.

I love food trucks. There is nothing I wouldn’t try once and if I like it, I’ll go back for more. Dos Chinos is one of those trucks which I find myself returning to over and over again. 
If you are a Dos Chinos virgin they are a truck that’s easy to miss. There is no special wrap around or anything flashy and fancy. The truck itself is really kind of boring. There is a menu and a few paper versions of the menu plastered around the truck. That’s it. Like I said — BORING! But I suggest you over that, because these guys have some seriously good grub on board.
Hollywood chicken

I don’t like burritos, so I always order tacos when I visit Dos Chinos. I’ve had every single taco off this truck and I definitely have my favorites. However, after talking to friends and other people who frequent the truck, it is without a doubt, hands down that the ultimate favorite is the breakfast burrito ($6) and taco ($3)! Chorizo fried rice shares space with filet mignon and sweet guacamole sauce. And the best part? It is topped with an egg cooked to order any style you want!

Meat lovers will absolutely love Carne Asada ($5 burrito/$2 taco) which is chunks of seasoned rib eye steak drizzled with a sweet and sour guacamole. Steak is cooked well, tender and very tasty. Or, the Garden Grove Short Rib ($5 burrito/$2 taco) which epitomizes what Dos Chinos is all about! This particular item brings together a Mexican/Korean barbecue sauce which is bursting with flavor and if you like that bugolgi taste, you’ll definitely like this. I prefer this over the Kogi-style tacos mainly because this one isn’t overly sweet.
Oahu shrimp

Hollywood chicken ($5 burrito/$2 taco) is a mild coconut curry chicken but definitely aromatic and tasty. The tamarind sour cream topping is a nice touch. I like this a lot! It is packed with curry flavor but not spicy so everyone can enjoy it.

My two absolute favorites are the Oahu Shrimp ($6 burrito/$3 taco) and the Bolsa BBQ Pork ($5 burrito/$2 taco) a Vietnamese style roast pork belly. 

Oahu Shrimp is based upon the Hawaiian style garlic butter shrimp which you will find on trucks along the highways of Hawaii. Dos Chino does a really good version except they’ve added their own touch by topping the taco with a fresh pineapple salsa and cream. I don’t normally like fruit with my savory food items but this works for me! I love it. The shrimps are succulent and has a nice snap to them.

Bolsa BBQ

Bolsa BBQ Pork ($2) is hands down my favorite! Crispy The roast pork belly is crispy and absolutely deeeelicious! Topped with tomatillo sauce, this is the item I always order, and it is also the item they run out of most often! The texture of the flavorful pork is amazing. You definitely have to try this one!

There is a reason why the lines are long at Dos Chinos and honestly, it annoys me sometimes when I don’t want to stand in line and I’m craving a Bolsa BBQ taco.

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