Chinese breakfast at Four Seas wins my vote

My BFF recently moved to the area and it is so lucky that this place is right down the hill from her house. So when I last visited her, we dropped by Four Seas to grab some Taiwanese breakfast.

The only person who speaks or reads the menu (it’s all in Chinese) was me, so I ended up getting the task of ordering. Note: you place your order and then the food is brought out to you. The trick is to find a spot to sit at when the place is jam packed.

Salty soy milk is one of my favorites. It has really good consistency and with a few dashes of vinegar, soy sauce and hot oil, it was perfect. I like mine to curdle a little so the more curdle means more vinegar. The milk soup is filled with bits of dried shrimp, pork sung, scallions and slices of you tiao (Chinese crullers/doughnuts) but I don’t like them in there, preferring to order them separately so they stay crispy.

The you tiao are excellent but naturally, greasy. They are crispy and chewy — of course, not as good as those you get in hong Kong — and some of the best you can get state-side.

Niu Rou Shao Bing (beef sandwich) comes withor without pickled mustard greens inside. I prefer them with the pickled greens but some people might not. I like the fact that it adds moisture and a fresh crunchy component to it. The bread isn’t bad either, but it is too flaky and doesn’t hold the sandwich up as well as it could have.

Most of the items here are carbo-filled and to counteract that I like to order the soy braised eggs to give me a little more protein. The ones here are milder than those I make at home and not as salty or flavorful.

Potstickers are greasy but oh so delicious. Stuffed with pork and bits of vegetables, the wrappers had the right amount of thickness. These are definitely not to be missed but they are just very oily. Don’t let that deter you though, they are so good!

I always like chives turnovers but here, the pastry is different to the ones I’m used to, flakier but also drier. The filling consists of chives, egg, glass noodles and some dried shrimp for added flavor.

Four Seas is one of the best places to get this type of food. For me, it is too far to drive all the way there to grab a bite, although when the hankering hits, I may be inclined to do so. These days, I have an added excuse to visit BFF with Four Seas only 5 minutes away!

Four Seas
2020 S Hacienda Blvd
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Tel: 626-330-3088

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