A Freshii way to get a quick meal

I’m not sure why this place has received such poor reviews on Yelp. I certainly didn’t feel like it was bad. In fact, I quite liked the concept and would never have known about it had we not been up at The Farmers Market for an event.

We left Orange County early to beat traffic and there was still over an hour to kill. I was a bit hungry and after securing a parking spot, noticed Freshii and was immediately intrigued, I knew I had to get some food into my stomach before my event because I rarely get to eat when I host so why not just check this place out.

The color concept really appealed to me and its name connoted a freshness I was expecting when I entered. The green and white decor suited its name and while the menu was extensive and there were quite a few things on the board, it was essentially pretty easy to maneuver once you decide if you it is rice, noodles, wraps or salads you want.

I decided on Warrior Chicken ($6.49) a salad made with brown rice, cajun chicken, sweet corn, red onions, black beans, cilantro, diced tomatoes, carrots and low fat ranch dressing. I was surprised I liked the taste because I don’t particularly like ranch dressing. My son REALLY liked this and ended up eating most of it. I like the variety of vegetables used which gave it a nice texture all around. They weren’t stingy on the chicken either which was a good thing because who wants an unsubstantial dish, right?

Spicy Lemongrass ($7.79) was my second choice and I would’ve liked more of the lemongrass broth and less rice (pho) noodles. The broth wasn’t spicy enough and while the carrots, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, cilantro and bean sprouts were fine the way they were, I thought the chicken was cut up too small and disappeared between the mounds of noodles making them insignificant to say the least. Still, I enjoyed the slightly tart flavorful broth reminiscent of tom yum.

The only thing I was perplexed about was in the serving vessels. When they asked if I wanted to take out or dine in, I said the latter, but when the items were brought to the table, they were served in a paper box and a plastic container.

Later, I realized that the trash receptacles were only for “recycles” or “biodegradables”, nothing for trash. Sure, it seems like a good idea, but honestly, wouldn’t washing be MORE environmentally friendly? Seriously though, would everything that’s been thrown in these two bins REALLY be recycled or biodegraded for future use?

On the whole, I would visit Freshii again, especially if they had a location in Orange County. It wasn’t bad and it was fast. Best of all, it was fresh and healthy!

110 S Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: 323-933-1500

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