A visit to Break of Dawn is always memorable

Break of Dawn has become one of those places my friends and I like to go and get some grub whenever we feel the urge for some eclectic fare. It is strange that I love BoD when I’ve never been a huge fan of Western breakfasts preferring to eat another option when given the opportunity.

But I guess this is the reason why I love BoD. Although they are open for breakfast/brunch, and there are a lot of offerings suited for just that, most of the dishes take on a personality of their own. They are not simply breakfast items, but rather, bold dishes with individuality to be enjoyed any time of the day.

If you’re not feeling terribly hungry but find yourself dragged out on a weekend morning, order the Kabocha Squash bisque. It is served with an eggroll which gives you a wonderful alternating texture from the creamy soup. This item isn’t big but is a tasty way to feel involved with the others without gorging on a huge plate of food.

I’m a huge fan of Eggs Benedict because I love poached eggs. There is nothing sexier than a runny poached egg which oozes at the mere touch of a fork or knife. The seductive way the yolk flows onto the rest of the items on my plate makes me weak. Seriously!

The Benedict here is served with an Asian pesto and the poached eggs are always done to perfection. I like to pierce them ever so slightly and at the touch of my  knife, it breaks apart to reveal the beautiful hue of the egg yolks.

Mac n Cheese is generally what my son orders. Poached eggs are to me what mac n cheese is to him. He’s a sucker when it comes to mac n cheese. The funniest thing is, he loves the Vietnamese Dragon Chili sauce made in-house drizzled all over his mac n cheese. The one here is good, but please don’t take my word for it. I’m not a mac n cheese aficionado, but my lil mac n cheese connoisseur likes it just fine.

My favorite is the Smoked Salmon which is served on top of oatmeal galettes and topped with poached eggs. Yes, there is a recurring theme here — poached eggs generally equals “I like very much”.

I don’t like oatmeal. I know it’s good for me, but it just tastes nasty, however oatmeal galettes — well, they are a different story. These oatmeal cakes are crispy on the outside and texturally so pleasing to me that I think if I had these galettes, I might be able to eat oatmeal every single day.

Bison Sausage is another item worth trying if you like a tasty sausage. I love the spices in this and the stronger flavor of the bison makes for a seriously good sausage. What makes this dish unique is the use of black Onyx rice, a Vietnamese black sticky rice, if you will, and peanuts.

Recently, I found myself hooked on the Portuguese Sausage. It is nothing like the Portuguese sausages I’m accustomed to, you know, those reminiscent of longanisa with the sweetness and high fat content. These have a great snap and are so delicious.

Those with a sweet tooth can either satiate their cravings with Creme Brulee French Toast as a main dish, or share it at the end of your meal as a finisher. I am glad it is at a level I can handle — sweet, but not to the point where I feel like my mouth is in dire need of a scrubbing. I can handle this level. In fact, it is quite addicting. One bite is never quite enough for me.

The other stand-out sweet dish is the Cinnamon Bun with a coffee and almond glaze and served with whipped cream. The sticky bun is not super sweet and my son can probably eat a whole one AFTER his meal if I allowed him to.

The best time to visit Break of Dawn is during the week, but of course, that is generally not at all feasible for most people. I try to stay away on the weekends because the wait can be as long as an hour, sometimes even longer, but the crowds keep coming. And frankly, where else are you going to find a menu created by a classically trained chef without breaking the bank? And to top it off, the food is really REALLY good!

Break of Dawn
24351 Avenida De La Carlota #N-6
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Tel: 949-587-9418

Open Tuesday to Sunday
8.30am to 2pm

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