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Since the Capital Seafood at Irvine Spectrum opened, I’ve been going for dim sum a lot (but that’s another post). This was the first time I came for dinner and it was for a tasting hosted by James Tea via Marian the Foodie.
Our 11 course meal began with Whole Winter Melon Soup with Assorted Seafood, which is usually a feature at banquets in Asia. I haven’t had whole winter melon soup in years because I don’t usually go to a Chinese dinner with THAT many people, plus, it is something you have to order ahead of time — generally 24 hours ahead — as it takes time to prepare.
The broth is incredibly flavorful and has shrimp, scallops, squid, crab meat, mushroom and of course, tender, melt-in-the-mouth winter melon scooped from the interior of the whole melon.
Filet Mignon Satay Skewers are very tasty. The beef is flavorful, tender and the hints of lemongrass is evident. I think this dish appeals to both kids and adults alike.
Although dim sum is only served during the day, Capital Seafood has put together an Assorted Dim Sum Platter for those who might want an array of dim sum as appetizers at dinner time. Comprising siu mai, vegetable eggrolls, shrimp w/sugar cane, crab wontons, chicken potstickers and butterfly shrimp, the selection is a good way to start your meal.
One of the treats of the meal was Roasted Peking Duck. I’ve always loved Peking duck and the one here is pretty good. I wish the bao (bun) was a little less doughy and a little less thick. Served with scallions and hoisin sauce, it is a stellar dish but definitely requires a few people to share.
Another delicious item was House Special Lobster w/ E-mein Noodles. The lobster was tender albeit a little greasy and the noodles soaked in all the flavors of the sauce. I’ve ordered this before at the Diamond Jamboree location and have enjoyed it on its own without the noodles.
A take on the Vietnamese dish bo luc lac, Capital’s Filet Mignon Cubes is buttery, garlicky and goes well with steamed white rice. In fact, I suggest you get some to eat with this dish!
To be quite honest, I really hate Honey Glazed Walnut Shrimps, and that’s a blanket statement. I don’t like it period, but it seems everyone else seems to love it. I just can’t get over mayo, and especially, warm mayo. The version here is served with honeydew and cantaloupe melon balls. Love the walnuts though.
Who doesn’t love string beans, and the House String Beans is really good. It is dry with that slightly shriveled texture with the flavors completely coating the beans.
The next dish to hit the table was a HUGE hit. Pan Seared SeaBass is a perfectly seared piece of seabass steak and drizzled with a sweet soy sauce dressing. The fish was moist and the sauce just clung to the tender, flaky flesh.
As if there wasn’t enough food, Chef’s Fried Rice with shrimp, scallops, squid, crabmeat, eggwhites, dried scallops and  Japanese seaweed (nori) was a delicious end to the meal. It beats regular Yang Chow fried rice any day.
If you have a sweet tooth, Almond Cream Souffle is a good choice. It is an almond ‘tea’ usually served as a sweet soup at the end of the meal. Here, the almond soup is dotted with ginko nuts and diced water chestnuts, a modern way to serve this dessert with a flaky puff pastry covering.
Gather a bunch of people together and enjoy a shared meal Chinese style. Capital Seafood has the means to make your experience an authentic and tasty one.
at Irvine Spectrum
85 Fortune Drive, #329
Irvine, CA 92618
Tel: 949-788-9218

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    That looks so amazing!!! I am back in Irvine for winter break and just found out about Capital Seafood at the spectrum, thanks for the update :) Hope all is going well! If you’re free, we should eat!

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