Seasons 52 launches winter menu

Ever since Seasons 52 opened its doors in Costa Mesa I’ve been a big fan of its tasty low calorie menu. Every dish is under 475 calories and the best part is, each seasonal menu change has been better than the last. After sampling the current winter menu additions, I’d have to say, this is the best one yet.

Generally, I find myself liking about 60% to 75% of the new menu items. This time, I enjoyed almost everything I tasted.

To start, Organic Tomato Stack Salad ($8.25) with blue cheese, crispy chopped bacon, arugula, and balsamic glaze is refreshing, yet so tasty. Must be the bacon because bacon makes everything better! This dish is enough for a light lunch or to share with another person.

Both vegetarians and carnivores will find Roasted Spinach Stuffed Dollar Mushrooms ($5.45) pleasantly delicious. The portion is big and again, will suffice if you’re looking for something light.

One of the dishes which really stood out for me was the Maple Leaf Farms Sesame Duck Chop Salad ($14.95). I’m not usually a salad person preferring it as a side dish rather than an entree, however, this particular salad was unique to other salads I’ve had in the past. It arrives in a plastic container with the salad on the bottom and the duck on top so the warm duck doesn’t wilt all the greens. When it’s brought to the table, it is then “released” onto a plate.

Everything is chopped up into small pieces so you get every ingredient in each mouthful. Apples, mint, cranberries, butternut squash and toasted pecans come together perfectly with Asian-inspired flavors, and although the duck is served medium to medium well if you like it to be on the pink side, let your server know and it can be prepared to your preferred temperature.

Another dish I thoroughly enjoyed was the Prince Edward Island Mussels ($10.95). Steamed in a zesty marinara sauce, these mussels are tender and not the least bit chewy. Served with grilled ciabatta bread you will definitely use because you won’t want to leave a drop of that tasty sauce behind.

Two items on the menu uses Piedmontese all natural beef which is a leaner type of meat but packed with flavor. Piedmontese All Natural Beef Chili ($7.75/bowl) is hearty with chunks of tender meat, black beans and cilantro sour cream. I suggest getting a bowl of this for lunch when you want something comforting. It is really good!

Also on the menu is Piedmontese All-Natural Beef Burger ($11.25) served medium rare. Meat is ground in-house and served topped with guacamole, roasted pepper salsa, and spicy chili sour cream. I’m not particularly big on burgers but liked it immensely.

Vegetarians have the Sonoma Goat Cheese Raviolis ($13.25) to satiate their tummies. Simmered in organic tomato broth with roasted garlic and fresh basil, this dish is deceiving as it is both filling and flavorful.

The piece de resistance is undoubtedly Grilled Venison Chop ($26.25) accompanied by venison and mushroom ragout with truffle mashed potatoes.

The ragout is so good and would’ve sufficed with the mashed potatoes or even, some pasta. Keep in mind that this dish in its entirety is under 475 calories and there is no way you will leave feeling less than completely satiated!

With so many dishes to choose from, you will have to return to the restaurant several times to get through all of them.

Seasons 52 has generously offered a $52 giftcard to TWO of my readers. For a chance to win, just leave me a comment telling me which Seasons 52 winter menu item you would most like to try. Comments should be made by Sunday, Jan 15. Winners will be announced on Monday, Jan 16. Good luck!

Seasons 52
at South Coast Plaza
3333 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: 714-437-5252


  1. marcos says

    The Duck Chop Salad looks great but I would love to try the Piedmontese Burger. Really under 500 calories?! All dishes?
    If I win most def I’ll be eating my $52 worth of food.

  2. Inge Lazuardi says

    I’d like to try the Sonoma Goat Cheese Raviolis since I love raviolis, and I’ve never seen goat cheese as its filling. I’ve never been to Season 52, so I’m excited. It’ll be a good date night with my husband. Keep up your good work! I love the blog

  3. Gilbert says

    Hi Anita,

    All the items look so good but the item I would most like to try on their winter menu would be the 475 calorie grilled venison chop. Thank you!

  4. says

    I actually haven’t tried this place because I thought it was strictly vegetarian and while my gf would love that, I have yet to eat at a full veggie restaurant that has satisfied me. That said, the PEI Mussels and Venison Chop would dispel all those stupid assumptions. Looks great.

  5. Cat says

    Everything looks amazing for the winter menu! Makes it difficult to choose only one … I guess my choice would be the venison chop. I can’t believe it’s 475 calories (or less)!

  6. says

    Season 52 is one of my favorite restaurants. I’ve enjoyed every dish I’ve tried. The Maple Leaf Farms Sesame Duck Chop Salad would be the one I’d choose to try should I win.

  7. Lauren M. says

    I’m going to have to go big with the venison chop (but luckily not in calories 😉 The picture looks simply delicious! Although I’m not a vegetarian I could definitely see myself trying the ravioli..Yum! I’ve never actually tried Seasons but I have only heard great things about their food…and cocktail menu. I now work right down the street and my office is always looking for new, fresh and healthy places to try…looks like a winner!

  8. Elisa Banuelos says

    My guy told me last night that he is craving ravioli, I can now suggest we head over for a plate of Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravis :)

  9. says

    Grilled Venison Chop for sure! Since I’m now watching my calories your comment about the calorie count intrigued me, and it looks pretty damn good, too! Never been to this restaurant, either, and am always looking for good new places!

  10. Peter S says

    I’d get the Prince Island Mussels, looks like a lot for the price and I still don’t know how they pack so much food into under 500 calories!

  11. says

    I would to get the Prince Edward Island Mussels, but if I were to win I would probably get 52$ worth of food and probably more because everything looks so delicious and appetizing, I’m just getting hungry reading this and looking at all these gorgeous pictures.

  12. says

    For me it would be the Prince Edward Island Mussels. I love mussels and make a point to have them whenever and when ever possible. My favorites, largest and tenderest were in a Dublin Ireland Pub. Second best were in Paris (can’t remember which place).

    Its been a little over year since our last visit to Seasons 52

  13. Miguel Betancourt says

    Oh my god that Venison Chop is what I need in my life right now! Not to mention, eating a little healthier wouldn’t be such a bad idea for me right now. Just about everything you have posted looks delightful. I’m going to have to go and check it out since I still haven’t been there before.

  14. Suong says

    I’ve heard so much positive things about Seasons 52 and never been, I would love to go and give it a try. All the dishes being under 475 calories is especially appealing to me, because my boyfriend and I are trying to eat better and healthier. The Organic Tomato Stack Salad sounds delicious and the presentation looks beautiful. I would most likely choose this as a starter and split it with the BF… or at least try to, because this salad is a winning combination of some of my favorite ingredients!

  15. says

    Great story and pictures! I love their scallops and their mini desserts. It is amazing everything is under 475 calories at Seasons 52. Sitting in the bar with the piano guy is fun too!

  16. Kim says

    Definitely the artichoke-stuffed shrimp and the tandoori chicken skewers. Seasons 52 does a great job at reducing fat and calories without sacrificing taste.

  17. says

    Since tomorrow is Monday, in honor of meat-less Mondays, I would start with the Roasted Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms and continue with the Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli. Hopefully I would have room for dessert after all the cheese! Amazing each dish is lo-cal.

  18. Lisa Kukula says

    I would love to try Season 52 Organic Tomato Stack Salad. It looks so light and refreshing, yet filling. All of the ingredients for this delightfully looking dish are my favorite, and the flavor of each ingredient really complement each other. Cannot wait to savor this delicious salad.

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