a first time Honduran experience

It’s only been a few weeks into the new year and this is my second post on a first experience. First was Kenyan cuisine, and now, it’s Honduran. Sure, I’ve had many south American encounters, but Honduran is new for me.

After a recent Yelp elite event, a bunch of us stopped by this place to grab a bite to eat. It was already late and the restaurant was 30 minutes to closing, but nevertheless, they accommodated us with open arms and smiles.

We were brought tortilla chips doused with a red sauce and sprinkled with cheese while we perused the menu. I liked that they put some effort into it instead of just a basket of chips with salsa which is usually the norm.

After a long discussion between us and the server, we decided upon some things to start before moving on to our entrees.

Ceviche de Caracol ($14.99) is a Honduran specialty. Chunks of conch is marinated in lemon juice, celery, cilantro, tomato, onion and spices with homemade chips served alongside. I love conch with its chewy texture and here, the tart marinade made it mouth-puckering good.

Best way to eat it is to scoop some on top of a tortilla chip and combine all the textures together in one mouthful! DEEEELICIOUS!

We didn’t have intentions to order the Baleadas ($10 for six), but the server described them to us and we were sold. These hand made flour tortillas are filled with refried beans, dry cheese similar to cotija and mantequilla described as “Honduran cream” ¬†on the menu. It tasted like crema although mantequilla is the word for butter in Spanish. I think Austin ate about four of these on his own.

I’m a huge fan of fried fish so when I saw Pescado Frito ($12.99) fried tilapia seasoned with spices and lemon, I knew I had to order it. Unfortunately, the fish arrived very dry and flavorless even after squeezing half a lemon all over it.

Austin’s Bisteak Encebollado ($9.99), a grilled steak topped with onions, was decent, not the best I’ve ever had, but it was well seasoned and satiated our tastebuds.

Three of my friends ordered Desayuno Carne Desebrada ($6.99), a dish of shredded beef scrambled with eggs and Honduran cream, cheese and served with beans and tajadas (plantains). The only problem was, it didn’t taste different to the bisteak encebollado.

Some other friends showed up half way into our meal and I also tried some of their Arroz con Pollo ($9.99) which was very good! The rice is nicely infused with lots of flavor and I wish we had ordered this instead.

We stayed until late and the staff were so accommodating. We were grateful for their warm hospitality and service. Some arroz con pollo would be really nice right about now.

Honduras Kitchen
1909 E 4th Street
Long Beach, CA 90802
Tel: 562-624-8849

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    Wow, good to know–I go to Pike across the street all the time but I think have been put off by how hole-in-the-wall this place is, now I know! Thanks Anita! – Steph H

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