A cooking demo with KitchenAid

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to an event hosted by the White On Rice couple — Todd Porter and Diane Cu at their studio in Costa Mesa.

The event showcased KitchenAid products as well as the launch of two new cook books, one by Cristina Ferrare and the other, by Joy Wilson. Both were on site demonstrating recipes from their books.

A buffet luncheon was served with lovely home-made pickles, chili, salads and more. It was a great event meeting other women bloggers as well as seeing some old familiar faces.

Thanks to Todd and Diane for hosting a wonderful event filled with deliciousness.

I have a goodie bag which includes a KitchenAid whisk to giveaway. Leave me a comment with your full name and email address and tell me what your favorite KitchenAid appliance is. Entries close on Wednesday, Mar 14 and winner is announced Thursday, Mar 15.


  1. Gabriela Duncan says

    I don’t have very many kitchenaid items, actually…I only have one kitchenaid item and that’s a can opener give to me by my girlfriend. I struggled with really old can openers that never got the job done or cramped my hand from fighting to open the can. I think I own about 4 different ones! Finally, out of frustration for me, my girlfriend purchased a kitchenaid can opener for Christmas. I no longer fear/loath opening up a can of chicken broth or corn thanks to my handy dandy kitchenaid can opener. I love it!

  2. Suong says

    Great photos Anita! White On Rice Couple is one of my favorite blogs to read; I love their stories, recipes and not to mention their photography.

    As for my favorite KitchenAid appliance, the blender is amazing! I love all the different power settings on it, ranging from gentle stirring to rapid liquifying. I make a lot of fruit smoothies and it crushes large cubes of ice almost flawlessly.

  3. says

    Agree with alot of the rest! Can’t live without the kitchen aid mixer! They’re so awesome. When one part didn’t work as well, they sent us a whole mixer to replace it and let me keep the damaged one mixer too! That’s great customer service!


  4. Kim Swistok says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kitchenaid mixer, I really want to get the attachments for it someday (pasta roller, meat grinder, etc…) but hubby says I have too many kitchen gadgets, I dont think there is such a thing as too many kitchen gadgets!!!!

  5. NAMO says

    I love my mom’s red KitchenAid mixer! I’m way to poor to invest in one for myself so I borrow hers all the time! I make extra cookies for her as a big THANK YOU!

  6. says

    What a fun event to attend! You lucky ducky!! My fave kitchen aid appiance is the good ole kitchen aid mixer, no woman should ever bake anything without it!!

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