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When I first saw Mick’s Karma Bar on Yelp, I was strangely curious because the name conjures up images of a weird spot decorated with ‘om’ symbols and Buddha statues, maybe even some crystals of sorts here and there. But then I read the reviews and they were of burgers which totally threw me off.

When I finally made it to Mick’s, it was nothing like how I’d initially imagined. Instead, this tiny spot was originally a juice bar — and you can totally see that — which served a great burger, and now, the juices are gone, but the burgers are what the hoards of people come for.

The menu is simple. There are five burgers and a sprinkling of wraps. If you’re looking for a salad, or a sandwich, you’re not gonna find it here. But when all’s said and done, the burgers are crazy good and at under $6 a pop, I can honestly say they are just too good to be true.

If you haven’t yet experienced Mick’s you really need to do it soon. My favorites are the Habanero and the Patty Melt. All burgers start with the same basic ingredient — freshly ground Angus steak — with various toppings to give them their own individuality.

The Habanero is pretty straight forward. It has a nice kick with a house-made habanero sauce and the crispy lettuce and tomato which is pretty much on every burger on the board. This is my burger to die for — I mean, habanero? Seriously, nothing is better than this.

When I’m wanting something more ‘traditional’ the Patty Melt is great because it’s the meat and caramelized onions with gruyere. This is a juicy, rich burger dripping with goodness.

For those less adventurous, there is always the Karma burger, your traditional burger with American cheese. The Mediterranean offers up feta, roasted red peppers and hummus……

……. while the Baja is topped with pepper jack (although in the picture, it was exchanged for American), guacamole and sour cream. It’s just a matter of preference really, but no matter which topping you choose, your burger is always juicy and oh so scrumptious.

But wait! The menu also offers Fish Taco ($7.95) — a flour tortilla topped with cabbage, pico de gallo and a seriously big piece of grilled mahi mahi. It is not only healthy, but oh so flavorful you’ll polish off the entire plate with no trouble whatsoever. For an additional $3.95 you can make your meal a combo with a drink and English-style ‘chips’ (steak cut fries).

Mick’s Karma Bar now has somewhat of a cult following. People come at all hours and there’s no telling when you’re going to encounter a nutty gaggle of people, or, have the luxury of dining at the counter and be able to chat with owner Michael Schepers while you eat.

Either way, when you’ve taken that last bite and downed the last drop of those addicting Strawberry Basil Lemonades, you will leave feeling utterly fulfilled and plotting your return visit even before you walk out the door.

Mick’s Karma Bar
2010 Main Street
Ste 165
Irvine, CA 92614
Tel: 949-851-6316

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