leisurely lunch at Sapphire Laguna

One of the most relaxing places to have lunch is on the patio at Sapphire Laguna. On a clear day, the view of the ocean is soothing and a breath of fresh air compared to sitting inside staring at walls.

My friend Selene and I came for a leisurely lunch and found some new menus have been added since our last visit. Lahmacun ($15) are what I call Middle Eastern pizzas. Typically, a pizza-style dough is used, but here, crisp lavash is used instead giving it a really great crunch. It is topped with Turkish spiced ground lamb, tomato, fresh herbs and dollops of dry mint yogurt sauce. This is a MUST!

Both Selene and I eyed the Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp ($16.50) which were succulent shrimp served over handmade spinach ricotta tortellini, grilled artichoke and rosemary garlic milk (a creamy sauce). It was a little under-seasoned, but other than that it possessed everything I like in a dish.

The Kalua Pulled Pork Quesadilla ($15.50) with oaxaca cheese, roasted poblano chili and mango black bean relish, is so flavorful but a tad greasy.Make sure you use theĀ salsa roja and avocado-tomatillo to help cut it a little.

Carlos’s Blackened Fish Tacos ($15.50) had an over abundant helping of cabbage slaw, over tender fish which could’ve done with a little more seasoning. Drizzled with remoulade and served with a side of pickled vegetables, this is a healthy generously portioned item which will appeal to most people.

We finished with Australian Passion Fruit Pavlova ($6.50), one of my mother’s favorite desserts. This light, airy meringue is layered with fresh berries and served with mango and passionfruit coulis. It wasn’t overly sweet and I enjoyed it very much.

Here’s an opportunity for you to try Sapphire Laguna for yourself. They have generously donated a $50 gift certificate for one of my lucky readers to win. Just tell me why you should win lunch at Sapphire Laguna and don’t forget to leave your FULL name. Entries close on Sunday, June 17th. Good Luck!

Sapphire Laguna
1200 S Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Tel: 949-715-9888

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  1. Beth Shannon says

    I should win lunch here, not only for the fantastic food, but because Sapphire also is dog friendly and I can bring my Snoopy to dine with me! One of my favorite places for an wonderful afternoon meal! Love it there! And with the new menu items, looks Iike I’ll be going back soon!

  2. paul kim says

    my busy wife needs a lunch date out to rejuvenate and sapphire would be the perfect place to rest & unwind together

  3. Eileen Chung says

    I should win the lunch here to expose my 2 young daughters to interesting foods and give mommy a break from cooking all the time!

  4. Debra Booe says

    Looks like the perfect setting for a leisurely meal! Why should I win? I’ve never had the pleasure of dining here and would appreciate the opportunity! A native of North Carolina, I am enjoying the culinary adventures a move to Southern California has presented. Your blog and Yelp reviews have become regular resources! Thank you! How very kind of you and Sapphire Laguna to offer this opportunity! Here’s hoping!

  5. Cindy Canales says

    I should win the gift certificate because Ive never been there, Ive been strict diet eating and doing really well so its time for a reward (what a great place to be rewarded with yummy food and beautiful view) and I have a Marley dog! :)

  6. lauren m says

    Nothing beats a Laguna sunset, a refreshing cocktail and some delicious grub! I’m a fan of “The Lunch Box” to try a variety but looks like I’m going to have to stray and try the middle eastern pizzas and pavlova! Looks delish! Thanks Anita!

  7. Hayley Hansen says

    As a broke college grad moving to Orange County this July, this restaurant looks like a great place to start my foodie exploration of the O.C!

  8. Courtney kugel says

    I have heard RaVe reviews abou sapphire fri. All my friends but I have never been! With the economy the way it is and working in the service industry I just can’t afford to tantalize my tastebuds with what I hear is amazing food!

  9. Marta Elena Utter says

    I would love to win! I am leaving for my Laguna Beach annual vacation later this week,
    all of the food looks delicious. Thank you for the opportunity~

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