a fast casual trip to South Africa

I’ve been enjoying South African food lately both in San Diego and now here in OC. Peri Peri Mozambique is a fast casual spot in Newport Beach which offers a taste of South Africa in an easy and accessible manner.

I arrived a bit late and my friends had started with Peri-Peri Prawns ($14.95) seven grilled prawns (well, they left a few for me) basted with garlic lemon butter, served with Mozambique rice and vegetables. I love prawns although they don’t love my cholesterol, but, I still eat them. These were still very tasty at room temperature with a great char taste.

Fries Gone Wild ($3.95) is the Peri Peri version of loaded fries or carne asada fries. Seasoned fries are baked in Peri-Peri sauce — a delicious sauce of various spices which you can buy a bottle of and take home — and melted sharp cheddar cheese. It is hard to overload on these because that Peri-Peri sauce is seriously addictive. I poured more over my fries, oh yes I did, and brought a bottle home as well!

Combo Maputo Platter ($13.50) is a good item to order because it gives you a good selection of menu items on one plate. You get two prawns, 1/4 Peri chicken and one Boerewors sausage, but I would totally just order items separately on a second visit.

The Boerewors sausage is a South African specialty meaning ‘farmer’s sausage’ and based on a traditional Dutch sausage. The one here is milder in taste than the ones I’ve had before which probably appeals to a wider audience. Served with a pineapple slaw, mazavaroo (a spicy chili) fries, and black eyed peas

And while Mac n Cheese ($3.50) is on the kids’ menu, if you love this comfort food, the one here is quite delicious. Cheesy, creamy and definitely good enough for my very picky mac n cheese palate.

Finish your meal with Mango Mousse Cake ($5), not too heavy with a nice touch of tartness so you’re not returning to work feeling you need to take a nap!

Prices are so reasonable you are basically getting a meal for $10 or under, and the platters can feed two comfortably with an additional appetizer — just something to think about!

This week’s giveaways are two $25 giftcards to Peri-Peri Mozambique. Leave me a comment by telling me your experiences with South African cuisine (or lack of) with your FULL name for a chance to win. As usual, you have until Sunday to enter. Remember, you have to leave a REAL full name to enter. Winners will be announced on Monday July 16. Good Luck!

Peri-Peri Mozambique
1332 Bison Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tel: 949-718-0956

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  1. says

    My only experience with South African cuisine has been a dinner at Mozambique Steakhouse is Laguna Beach, which was very good! I really enjoyed that boerewors sausage of theirs so I’d like to see how this place’s compares. This sounds like a good less expensive option to South African food, thanks for the tip!
    – Stephanie Han

  2. says

    Love Mozambique, though it is the only time I’ve had South African Cuisine. It’s great they sell the Peri-Peri sauce to take home now, I could drink that from the bottle. Not sure if the one in Newport has Bread Pudding, but the one in Laguna does and it’s fantastic.

  3. Jihan Assi says

    Oh, this place sounds cool. Love prawn too!!!! ‘ve heard of their peri-peri but didn’t get to taste it. Love to go there and try some African food. I’ve tried some African food before but nothing looks like this one.

  4. says

    I remember my South Africa trip when I was in elementary school. I don’t quite remember the food there now, but I remember there was this “Hundred Animals Feast” buffet for the tourists to try different meat of wild animals in Africa.
    I would like to try the Peri-Peri Prawns, I’m a prawns lover! Never really notice any good South African food in San Diego, where did you go?
    PS. My full name is Jady Sit.

    • says

      The SA place I went to was Deli SA — their food isn’t exactly the same as Peri Peri though and they are more a catering place, but on Saturdays they lay out a spread for people to enjoy

  5. says

    I just tried Mozambique in Laguna Beach recently. We had their peri peri chicken skewers for appetizer. The chicken was so flavorful. And just as you said, their peri peri sauce is quite addicting. For main entrees, we had seafood curry and Mozambique prawn. Both were super delicious. We didn’t try dessert because we were just too full.

    It was my first time trying South African food, and I regret for not trying it sooner.

  6. carol sheridan says

    Never tried South African food, looks VERY good. The closest I would say I have had is a worm in Zimbabwe- that was NOT good!!!

  7. Yvonne Suh says

    I love making Peri-Peri sauce (try roasting potatoes with it!), but would love to try a broader range of South Afican cuisine made by an expert. Thank you for this giveaway!

  8. Ying Clark says

    Mozambique restaurant is a block away from my house, so we walk over there a lot. The prawns are very good & just like you said, the peri-peri sauce is addicting!

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