Newport Beach is now home to the most innovative Whole Foods ever

Last week, I was invited to a preview of the latest Whole Foods Market to open, this time in Newport Beach. This is now the closest location to me and I was excited to get a first hand look at what this particular location has to offer.

Like the other markets, fresh produce welcomes you into the store and a wide range of bulk goods are available — always my favorite! If you haven’t been to a Whole Foods Market lately, you will also be happy to know there are various types of oils you can buy in bulk including avocado oil which is great in salad dressings.

The first thing which struck me about this location was the specialty tea cafe named Tea Hive. This concept tea bar offers delicious tea infused drinks including a whole range of fresh brewed iced tea with fresh fruit puree mixed in, as well as sparkling tea infusions for an even more refreshing finish.

We were treated to a sampling of both varieties including Tropical Burst and Raspberry Lime “Ice Me” teas, and from the “Sparkle Me” category, the Strawberry Lime, Peach Julep and Ginger Citron.

These teas are $5 for 24oz while the other three categories of teas run a dollar more for the same size.

A made-to-order pizza station stands next to Tea Hive, one which is available at some of the other Whole Foods in the area.

A few steps away is an outlet with more than 10 beers on tap including Bootleggers, Deschutes and Firestone.

Apart from all these new additions, this location has a restaurant within the market. Back Bay Tavern is a pub-style outlet offering an extensive range of wines and beers you can either drink on their own, or enjoy with some food from the rather impressive menu created by an in-house chef. You can read about Back Bay Tavern next week on my blog with a full post.

Cheese lovers will delight in the Artisan Cheese department here, with a small area for cheese tasting. There are signs proudly proclaiming the “grass fed” cheeses available. Definitely check that out when you’re there.

Whole Foods Newport Beach offers free valet parking for its shoppers. When you valet, tell them you will be shopping at Whole Foods and the valet will give you a key FOB, and when you are done shopping, click the FOB button and your car will be brought to you. Alternatively, if you didn’t valet, golf carts will be available to help take you and your groceries to your car. That’s TOP NOTCH service!

No matter what type of shopper you are, everyone will be excited by the giveaway this week, a $50 giftcard to shop there! Leave me a comment telling me why Whole Foods Market is important in your life. Don’t forget to leave your full name in the comment. Good Luck!

Whole Foods Market
415 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660


  1. says

    Fantastic! I’ve always appreciated Whole Foods as pioneer in the conscientious grocery business and this place looks too amazing not to visit. The Tea Hive looks very intriguing!
    -Stephanie Han

  2. Trina Diep says

    Whole Foods is the mecca of all home cooks who love a fresh variety of ingredients. Where else can you buy spices by the pound or get whole lamb shanks? I love Whole Foods but it’s usually out of my budget for regular shopping.

  3. says

    I’ve been watching them build this location since construction started. It’s just a few blocks away from me and I was so excited that it was coming. As a mostly raw vegan I have to have places like Whole Foods to shop at – regular grocery stores just don’t cut it. And I love all the store within store type things they have from the tea bar to the pizza bar (that actually has vegan options!) ~Adrea Reed

  4. says

    Whole Foods represents a different way of looking at the food we eat. By focusing on healthy choices, and paying attention to what we put into our bocies, we can have a longer, healthier life. I like that so much more than buying the cheapest bulk feed to put into our bodies, refined and processed from ingredients that are genetically modified not for taste or health, but for economic reasons. I’m OK with spending a little more on my food now, because I’m worth it, and that’s what Whole Foods, and other markets in its category, has shown me.

  5. Deirdre Campagna says

    I love Whole Foods because I can get things there that I can’t at other places-specialty pastas, cheeses, chocolate and produce to name a few. My children love the pizza and food bars and I like their sustainable fish program. Thanks for the review, it looks great in there!
    D. Campagna

  6. may espinoza says

    Love WF and how convenient for me to buy locally sourced produce all under one roof. They have taken the time to research so I don’t have to do it.

  7. J Tang says

    Whole Foods is the one place where I can find the best ingredients. They also have the ingredient I need for the recipes I’m trying out.

  8. says

    Throughout college I LIVED on their tofu from the salad bar. I am not sure how they cook it or what seasonings they use, but I loved being able to get a consistent lunch from the salad bar from one Whole Foods to the next!

    H. Hansen

  9. says

    I usually shop at Huntington beach or the long beach for my staples, but after a hard day, I might just sit back , have some pizza and beer, and enjoy what the new concept of whole foods is all about.

  10. Jihan Assi says

    I’m a fan of the whole foods!!! hey have so many unique stuff that you won’t find somewhere else plus the freshness of their produce, the variety of the dishes they make from lots of different cuisines makes them the best!!!

  11. Arlene R says

    I love Whole Foods because they have everything I need. I don’t love the prices but their selection of fruit, vegetables and gluten free items cannot be beat. They have great quinoa salad and smoked chicken. Yum!

  12. Sandy Saito says

    I love Whole Foods because it provides me a place to shop for sustainable products in seafood and meat departments and also organic produce for my young children.

  13. Gilbert Mercado says

    Whole Foods is great because they obviously care about selling the highest quality organic, natural, and sustainable products available. You can be confident about anything that you buy there which is why I love WF.

  14. Beth shannon says

    Whole foods is great for fresh fish and their quality beef. Never had a bad meal there and the staff is always willing to help out. I love that the new store is so close to me now!

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