Snow Station is a party in my mouth

I’m not a fan of desserts — or so I say — but when I find something sweet I like, I can’t stop eating it. Snow Station is a Taiwanese-style shaved “snow” place where the flavors are good and toppings abundant.

Usually, I find these places really disgusting because the snow tastes artificial or chemically. I’ve been here several times now and tried a variety of the flavors and the flavors here don’t have that artificial after-taste.

Since there are a myriad of combinations you can create from what’s available, I can’t tell you that your selection will be as tasty as mine (or not as tasty), but here are some of my favorites to date. It’s pretty simple — $4.95 for small and $6.95 for large and that includes 2 toppings of your choice. Additional toppings are 50 cents each.

Taro snow is really awesome if you like taro and we had it with lychee popping balls which were so much fun to eat. Unlike boba, these pop and a burst of liquid streams into your mouth. I wish they made more varieties of these popping balls.

Sour Green Apple shaved snow with Apple Jacks cereal make for a really tart, crunchy mouthful. I love this one even though I’m not usually a fan of Apple Jacks. This combo (with lychee popping balls) reminds me of desserts at Momofuku Milk and how the taste in your mouth just throws your brain for a loop because it’s not quite what you expect.

The same goes for the Almond flavor snow. It tastes just like almond jello but texturally, it’s soft and melty and not gelatinous. Mindblowing!

Another favorite of mine is the Mocha with Oreo cookies, almonds and strawberries. Actually, I don’t even mind if there were no strawberries because the cookies and almonds sufficed to make this an absolutely delicious dessert.

Green Tea gives you a total Asian dessert experience especially when you top it with red beans and mochi.

Watermelon with strawberries and watermelon popping balls is very refreshing and tastes very much of summer. I just can’t get over the popping balls — sooooooooooo much fun!

The only flavor I wasn’t too crazy about was the lychee snow with lychees in syrup, strawberries and pink mochi. But you might like it!

This place is so much fun and definitely worth a visit. I’m not even a sweets person and I could eat this a few time a week! I’ve been here too many times now and everyone I’ve brought has loved it! Check it out and make sure you bring the kids.

Snow Station
9938 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
Tel: 714-531-7669

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  1. PeteEats says

    I used to like that place but I recently tried snow monster down the street. I think you would like it anita! much better texture and taste-wise since they don’t use powders. it’s made with real fruits and extracts from what i’ve heard and tasted. plus more variety of desserts

    • Jimmyeats says

      It’s always sad to see when someone bad mouths another competing business. I have eaten at both places. Looking at the dates of the Yelp reviews, I realize Snow Station has been in business longer and is doing very well. I also realized that the two of you are a block away from each other. In the end, I’m sure it comes down to peoples’ taste. Snow station is always busy and snow monster is always empty. I urge everyone to try both places, cause I have. Peteeats, I don’t know your agenda, but you really aren’t helping Snow Monster. You are making them look desperate, like they need to bad mouth another business.

      • PeteEats says

        I’m actually just a customer lol. I’ve been a fan of this shaved snow dessert since I tried it in rowland heights at class 302. didn’t mean to offend anyone

        • Jimmyeats says

          No offense taken;) I’m just a customer who enjoys good places to eat at. I think I may have to re-visit snow monster to give them another try. Last time I was there, the snow was really icy, thick and shaved liked ribbons. Class 302 is definitely the benchmark for Taiwanese shaved snow. I don’t think Snow station does Taiwanese shaved snow. Theirs is just light and fluffy like real snow. I really like that light fluffy texture. But I’m sure everyone has their own preference.

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