a heavenly spot of tea at Seventh Tea Bar

I’m not a coffee drinker, but tea is definitely up my alley. There are a lot of coffee spots around but an establishment completely dedicated to tea service is a new concept, one which I’m very happy about. Since Seventh Tea Bar opened, I’ve been there so many times I’ve lost count.

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It started with just a glass of iced tea. Then, it was another and then another and there are SO many to choose from. The coolest thing they have is iced tea on tap ($3) and it is literally ON TAP!! They dispense it like draft beer!

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Lemon Ginger, White Pekoe, Moroccan Mint, Young Hyson, Magnolia Scented, Risheehat Estate, the latter being my favorite at the moment. Of course the lemon ginger is the most popular and I love that one as well when I want something non-caffeinated.

Besides the tea itself, Seventh Tea Bar also offers a non-traditional English Tea Service which you can share with your friends.  For two, there is the Bantam ($25), or there is the Grand ($35) which serves up to four.

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Included are some sweets, but what I love most are the Tea Sandwiches, which you can also get on their own if you don’t want a full tea service. Prices for individual sandwiches are listed for your reference.

The Salty Sweet ($7) is a stunning roll smeared with fresh ricotta, dried apricots, pistachio pesto, cracked black pepper and wild flower honey. It is truly a salty sweet experience! **photo courtesy of Anne Watson Photography**

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One of my favorites is the Gravlax Glory ($9), a sandwich with house cured citrus salmon, shallot caper relish, dill creme fraiche and sliced heirlooms on a brioche roll.

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The Mediterranean ($7) is beautifully salty consisting of feta cheese, marinated artichoke and sundried tomato spread, roasted bell peppers and arugula.

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There are also a variety of delicious spreads made in-house by Chef Katherine Louis. You can choose two spreads to go with freshly baked demi baguette for a mere $6. I love all of them: strawberry black pepper preserves, Za’atar spiced goat cheese dip, Kalamata and green olive tapenade, orange rosemary marmalade.

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Sweets on offer include a variety of pastries such as chocolate croissants or regular buttery croissants.

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There are also salted caramel peanut tarts, tiramisu, chocolate tarts and much much more.

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This is a perfect spot to hang on your own or get together with friends. It is comfortable and the super cute decor is such a pleasure to be in.

This week, Seventh Tea Bar is graciously offering one of my readers a chance to win the Bantam tea service for two to win. Leave me a message and let me know why you would love to win this opportunity and who you would bring. Entries end on Thursday. Winner will be announced Friday. Good Luck!

Seventh Tea Bar
3313 Hyland Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: 949-284-0596

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  1. Suzanne Ely says

    My husband and I first started our love for tea on a food tour we did in Japan town a few years ago. Our favorite tea place is Charo and although we live in OC we drive to LA to get several of our favorite teas at Charo. I would love to win this prize to share with my husband. This looks like another great tea spot! I’m fascinated by the tea bar and the tea sandwiches look delicious!

  2. Angie kim says

    I love tea & would love to bring my sister. I recently introduced her to oc mix mart. The tea bar wasn’t open yet. This would be the perfect time to bring her back for more sisterly fun

  3. Carolyn says

    I would love this opportunity to unwind after a long week of finals from grad school. I would share this prize with my little cousin that just started college so we could enjoy some nice tea and sandwiches and catch up with each other since we go to school 2,000 miles apart. And I come home at the end of this week!

  4. Michelle Terry says

    I would love to win this opportunity so I could share it with my husband. Our first tea service was in London for New Year’s Eve 2009 going into 2010. It was our first time to the UK and our first experience with an actual tea service. Since then we have not experienced anything like it. Reading your description and seeing the photos makes me think of the happy memories we had that afternoon and I would love to treat him to a similar experience but one that is updated like Seventh Tea Bar provides. The tea on tap is such a cool feature and the desserts look amazing!

  5. Melissa Soohoo says

    Wow I’ve never heard of this place. Frankly I dont drink that much tea, unless its with boba, but I’d love to try this place out. I’m more interested in their foods and sandwiches than anything else, especially their pastry items. I’m bring my sister, she’s into tea more than me. She’s been to many of the tea places around LA and her favorite store is Teavana.

  6. Lisa Kukula says

    I love afternoon tea, but it is rare to in the USA, except at the Ritz Carlton, or other high end hotels, but then it is still limited to weekends. And it is not cheap. And some British tea shops do offer afternoon tea, but the decor is too Alice in Wonderland, and the food offerings are often not authentic, nor delicious.

    Thank you Anita for this tip. Though it is not exact English afternoon, but from the pictures it looks like a good substitue.

  7. Gilbert Mercado says

    I would love to experience what the wizards of coffee at Portola Coffee Lab are attempting to do with tea! You no longer have to drive an hour to the Langham in Pasadena. I would bring my lovely wife with me if we’re lucky enough to win. Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. Rachel Han says

    I would love to win this opportunity because the idea of tea service just sounds fun (plus all the food looked yummy). I would bring my husband. :)

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