Genji Sushi at Whole Foods Market

If you’re looking for a quick but delicious and healthy lunch, stop by one of the many Genji Sushi is located inside selected Whole Foods Market stores and pick up an array of ready packed sushi or fresh rolls,including vegetarian ones. Or, if you have a few minutes to spare, order one of the specialty items and the staff will make it to order for you to enjoy.

vegetarian rolls (640x425)

If you want to pick up some udon noodles which you can take with you and nuke later in the microwave, they have them in the display case.

udon (640x425)

Sesame balls desserts are also good for those wanting something sweet.

sesame balls (640x425)

I stopped by on several occasions to picked up a snack for my son who loves the brown rice and quinoa sushi in various flavors — salmon, tuna, in both regular of spicy, or California roll style.

quinoa sushi rolls (640x425)

The other day, I ordered the tonkatsu ramen — doesn’t have tonkatsu in it, but the broth is pork-based and you get some white meat chicken and lots of veggies in the bowl. There was way too much noodles for me! The broth was quite flavorful and was pretty good priced at around $8.

ramen (640x425)

If you are at Whole Foods Market and looking for clean, fresh, Asian fare, check out the Genji Sushi stations inside selected stores. Check out Genji Sushi’s website for more information¬†and locations.


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