a slice of history at Tam O’Shanter

Being a fan of SideDoor in Corona del Mar, I was rather excited to check out one of the Lawry’s original restaurants, Tam O’Shanter, a 92 year old establishment still in its original location. We were invited in to try the new charcuterie launched recently, and knowing the level of SideDoor’s charcuterie, I knew it was going to be fantastic.

The restaurant reminded me a lot like Five Crowns in CdM (another Lawry’s restaurant) but on a much larger scale. We were led to the last room and seated in the corner, always the best seat in the house when you are rewarded with a view of the entire dining room.

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While we perused the menu, the manager brought over Deviled Eggs ($7) flavored with horseradish, topped with smoked salmon and garnished with fresh dill. We liked the creaminess of the filling and the egg white was nicely textured with a good overall finish.

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Even though we had already eaten an egg, I still wanted to try Crispy Scotch Egg ($6) a big time favorite of mine. The pork sausage coating was very thin, in fact, I wasn’t able to detect it too much due to how little of it there was, but still, enjoyed it, with the accompanying parsley mustard sauce.

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The star of the meal soon arrived. We had chosen our charcuterie board and you can either go for the Tam Sampler ($15/3 choices) or Chef’s Plate ($23/5 choices).

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Our three cheeses consisted of Mons Cazelle De St Affrique, France a beautifully oozing piece with a pungent flavor getting stronger as it finishes.

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I’d never had Duet, CA before because I’m not generally a fan of goat cheese, but this super creamy thyme-infused variety was a beauty. I couldn’t stop eating it!

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I love blue cheeses and Blu del Moncenisio, Italy was moist with strong earthy tones which lingered in my mouth.

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We chose two meats including Prosciutto San Danielle, Italy which was subtle in flavor and not overly salty.

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The Angel’s Lonzino, Los Angeles was a drier meat almost like a bresaola. I really liked the texture and its salt content.

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Although prime rib is the item of choice here, and what they are famous for, we opted for something else. I’ve indulged in Five Crowns’ prime rib many times before and wanted to try some of The Tam’s signature dishes instead.

Shepherd’s Pie ($24) is ground Colorado lamb topped with a whipped potato crust and baked. The entire dish was a little under-seasoned for me.

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I did like that it is served with creamed spinach and market vegetables although the former was again, under-seasoned.

The Short Rib Stroganoff ($25) on the other hand was nice and savory with the combination of sauteed mushrooms, cipollini onions and natural au jus.

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I also ordered some Yorkshire Pudding because, well, they’re one of my favorite things to eat. They’re usually served with the prime rib and although I didn’t see them available as a side, they were kind enough to indulge me. It was SO good I wished I had another. They bring you some au jus which I gleefully dipped my bits of Yorkshire pudding in.

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Tam O’Shanter’s is one of those nostalgic places you want to visit just to revisit that experience over and over again. There are so few restaurants left anywhere in southern California with such a long history, and still, family-owned. We were seated that evening by a member of the family and it was just heartwarming to know the love behind everything that goes into the running of each restaurant.

Tam O’Shanter
2980 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Tel: 323-664-0228

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  1. John and Karen Terry says

    Great review of an old favorite of ours. We have not been there now for about 4 years and good to know they are still the same. Thank you Anita!

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