spur of the moment decision lands us at Plan Check

An impromptu decision to drive up to LA for lunch ended up here, at Plan Check! We got there early and snagged a great parking spot right outside. Funnily, I realized where I was after we had parked because I saw the Japanese restaurant (Bar Hayama) across the street where I attended a birthday party four years ago.

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We were seated at a nice booth by the window and were immediately delighted by the cocktails, including my¬†Green Daisy ($12) of tequila, lemongrass tea, apple brandy, lemon, bitters — which wasn’t green by the way — or the Ginger Grant ($12), with pisco, blood orange, sake, aperol, ginger.

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To accompany the cocktails, we ordered a bunch of tidbits to go with them including Egg in Pickle Juice ($2), an interestingly flavored boiled egg but with weirdly textured egg whites.

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We absolutely loved the Midnight Moon cheese ($5), beautifully salty without the overwhelming aroma of goat’s milk that I usually don’t care for. However, being a gouda, it had a hard texture but still remained creamy texturally.

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Soppressata Picante ($5) made with Berkshire pork has a nice kick to it but otherwise, was just average.

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The Duck Breast Ham ($5) brought a touch of nostalgia when I tasted it. Strangely, it reminded me of Chinese air-dried duck which my mom will add to the steamed Chinese dried meats my dad likes to eat.

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The Chorizo Sausage ($3) was awesome! Just awesome! I didn’t taste the green garlic at all, but it was still, AWESOME!

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Pastrami Gravy Fries ($9) was the daily special and I’m so glad we ordered it. Beef tallow (beef fat) French fries are topped with pastrami bits, pastrami gravy, melted Swiss cheese and chopped pickles — gooey, decadent, delicious. The pickles add a perfect acidity helping cut a little of the richness. A must-order!

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I’m not a huge burger fan, but this had “signature dish” screaming at us, so Plan Check Burger ($11) it is! I’m not sure about the Americanized dashi cheese or ketchup leather, but together with the schmaltz onions, mixed pickles between the crunch bun, it was a DAMN GOOD burger. REALLY good!! Well seasoned meat paired with flavors that fit like a glove — impressive.

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Smoky Fried Chicken ($13) on the other hand is right up my alley. Jidori chicken is fried perfectly and I liked how the accoutrements were not doused over the chicken, but in the skillet with the chicken sitting on top. There is nothing worse than soggy fried chicken and there was nothing soggy about this. Smoked milk gravy and sweet yam preserves added levels of flavor profiles I so enjoy — salty, sweet with spicy pickled okra pods to give it heat and tartness. A perfect dish in my book!

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This was definitely a great lunch choice and well worth driving up to LA for. They are expanding fast and we hope they will soon have an OC location so we don’t have to drive an hour to relish in this very satisfying meal.

Plan Check
1800 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: 310-288-6500

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