Oceanside’s Hello Betty Fish House is a breath of fresh air

While having lunch with a San Diegan friend of mine recently, I was told that downtown Oceanside has been getting a face-lift of late with new restaurants and businesses sprouting out of nowhere. So when I drove down to have lunch with a friend of mine who lives nearby, I made sure to be mindful of this fact. Traversing through downtown Oceanside, the abandoned storefronts still exist, but once I turned on to Mission Avenue, things started to look different.

Therefore, when I arrived at Hello Betty Fish House and saw this beautiful restaurant sitting at the edge of the street just steps away from the beach, I was utterly blown away. This is exactly what Oceanside needed, a beautiful restaurant with an even better view!

This modern seafood shack reminds me of Connie & Ted’s in LA, except this eatery actually has an ocean view. I would call the ambiance nautical shabby chic —  with heavy rope as part of its decor, as dividers, as part of the banquette new, but with the illusion of vintage. I love the use of heavy rope almost everywhere, including the cushions and also, interspersed into wooden planks dangling from the ceiling. If you’re not sitting facing the water, no problem! You will see its reflection off the mirrors aligned against the wall.

HELLO BETTY -- SD (640x400)

When gals get together, there will always be cocktails involved, especially since we haven’t seen each other in almost a year. Our selection included: She’s A Betty ($8) on draft, Mt Gay Black Barrel, Cruzan Blackstrap, pineapple, lemon, tea syrup, Kraken float; El Toro ($9) Cazadores Silver, Licor 43, raspberry, cilantro, jalapeno, lime; Beach Break Therapy ($8) Hangar 1, kaffir lime, Sugar Island coconut rum, pineapple, lime, bitters. We agreed, the El Toro was definitely our favorite followed by She’s A Betty. 

cocktails (640x425)

The first thing I popped into my mouth was raw Littleneck Clams ($10/6pcs), filled with that umami taste I love so much. Served with a jalapeno mignonette and cocktail sauce, the former was definitely the favorite dressing between the two.

raw littleneck clams (640x425)

Hamachi Crudo ($14) was possibly the favorite dish of our meal. Generous slices of hamachi is topped with wasabi caviar, sliced red jalapeno chile, crispy shallots, radishes, cilantro and drizzled with a delicious citrus soy. The salty tart flavors were so addicting we were fighting for the last piece.

hamachi crudo (640x425)

I love salmon rillettes and the Smoked Fish Spread ($9) is exactly that! Served with crackers and toast points, the salmon is nicely textured and seasoned well.

smoked fish spread (640x425)

Another favorite item was Steamed Mussels ($14), so fresh and tender with bits of salty chorizo giving it an extra oompf. Tomato, chilis and garlic, together with Dos Equis amber combine together for the tastiest broth ever.

steamed mussels (640x425)

We were rather intrigued by the thought of Fried Avocado Taco ($4.50) and were told it was half an avocado, battered and fried. It was a generous portion and texturally it was great, but needed just a touch more salt. Served on corn tortillas made fresh daily, it is an ample portion to share or just on your own. Vegetarians will revel in this!

avocado taco (640x425)

Our server Rachel recommended the Smoked Pork Belly Carnitas Taco ($5) and I’m glad she did because it was really delicious. For pork belly, it wasn’t fatty at all, well-rendered through and then finished off on the flattop for that bit of crispiness on the edges. Topped in the traditional style with onions and cilantro with a side of guacamole, I wanted something spicy, perhaps a side of salsa, to go with it.

carnitas taco (640x425)

I saw the loco moco burger on the menu and asked why they didn’t have it the traditional way. Luckily I asked because they did and I had my Loco Moco ($13.75) over a bed of rice. The one here is fantastic because not only do you get the hamburger pattie, but you also get a slice of spam with an onion gravy slathered on top PLUS a runny fried egg. My son loved it and proclaimed it pretty close to the ones he used to eat as a child in Hawaii.

loco moco (640x425)

When I saw Whole Fried Fish ($25) I was really excited because a lot of restaurants have been serving fish whole lately. However, here, they fillet and chunk out the red snapper, coat it with a corn meal crust before frying to perfection. The fish is moist inside and crunchy outside. They also fry the fish carcass and serve it alongside the fish nuggets. I would have preferred the fish served whole, but I get how that might freak some people out. The salsa verde and chipotle tartar were great dipping options although I loved the salsa just a little bit more.

whole fish (640x425)

You also get a plate of red rice and beans with the fish — big portion — which was tasty, especially the rice.

beans and rice (640x425)

If you still have room after your meal, I highly recommend ending with the Horchata Sundae ($5.50). I am a huge sucker for ice cream and this one is fabulous. Creamy horchata ice cream is scooped over hot fudge and caramel sauce — a little too much for me — with bits of caramel krispies, fresh cream and topped with a crispy Mexican buñelo triangle. I couldn’t stop eating it but had to stop and give in! It was a very big bowl of ice cream goodness.

horchata ice cream (640x425)

If you’re ever in Oceanside, stop in and grab a bite! It’s a beautiful restaurant to stop into especially on a beautiful day!

Hello Betty Fish House
211 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92054
Tel: 760-722-1008

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Tommy Bahama’s Fish Fridays + giveaway

It’s been a while since I last dined at Tommy Bahama Island Grille. I love the tropical atmosphere and on this day, we opted to sit out on the patio to take advantage of the glorious day we were having here in southern California. The cool breeze made for a very leisurely afternoon indeed. The restaurant has launched Fish Fridays which offers an array of fish dishes for lent and will run until April 18th.

Even though it was lunch, we decided to have a drink because it was just too beautiful a day not to. Raspberries & Rye ($12) with Old Overholt, orange, lime, orange bitters, fresh muddled raspberries was fruity yet strong at the same time. If you like rye whiskey, this is the drink for you. I, on the other hand, loved the Mango Habanero Margarita ($12) complete with Milagro Silver, orange Curacao, mango, scratch sour, habanero and Hellfire Habanero Shrub. Fruity and spicy! Right up my alley.


If you’re looking for good fish and chips, the one here is stellar but you’ll have to visit on a Friday for this. Stone IPA Battered True Cod Fish & Chips ($18) has really fresh fish pieces dipped in batter and served small enough to eat by hand. The fish is moist and flaky and the batter is seasoned well. Served with a Oaxacan chili vinegar, it was a perfect accompaniment, a Callifornian version of malt vinegar, if you will. The jerk seasoned fries were so addicting we couldn’t stop eating them.


New Zealand Green Lip Mussels ($16) was incredible and I’m so happy this will be served every single day until the end of the month! Perfectly tender and wonderfully plump, the mussels were spot on in texture and flavor. The miso broth, with hints of tarragon was so umami-filled if was difficult to not fight for every last drop of that broth. I dipped the accompanying garlic grilled baguette into it and left the plate clean.


I was surprised to see such a generous portion when the Blackened Fish Tacos ($16.50) arrived. I’ve never had these before even though it’s a permanent item on the menu. Topped with a tomato relish, chipotle aioli, lime sour cream and a refreshing Asian slaw, I could only eat 2 of these tacos if I ate nothing else. The tortilla is a special blend of flour and corn giving it a really unique chewy texture. A side of mango salsa adds a sweet tart finish to these awesome tacos.


Another great fish dish is the Teriyaki Grilled Steelhead Salmon ($24). I loved the citrus soy dressing which looked like it could be too sweet, but I was happy to find that it was salty tart. The baby pea sprout salad was very creative as was the baby bok choy which add more greens but in a unique way to go low carb. This will also be available every single day before they take them off the menu! The mussels are calling my name!


One of the dessert specials was Hawaiian Malasadas ($6), sugar-coated doughnuts served with a tropical fruit curd. The tart curd was heavy on passionfruit flavors which made us very happy. This was indeed the ideal way to finish an absolutely delightful lunch al fresco!


Tommy Bahama is offering one of my readers a $100 giftcard to go check them out. Leave me a comment and tell me how you will be celebrating with your giftcard to be entered in this giveaway. Entries close on Sunday 23rd. Good Luck!

Tommy Bahama Island Grille
854 Avocado Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tel: 949-760-8686

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Connie and Ted’s — a modern day seafood shack

This has been a really difficult post to write. We’d been waiting to eat at Connie and Ted’s since it opened, after all, it IS a Michael Cimarusti restaurant and getting a reservation is no easy feat. However, our experienced was a very mixed one which has been weighing heavily on my heart as I write this.

This casual seafood restaurant serving a menu of all-American favorites is named after Cimarusti’s grandparents, and according to Connie and Ted’s website, pays homage to the English-born couple’s love of fishing together off the shores of New England. I was glad there were eight of us so there was no shortage of food on our menu that evening. In fact, there was a lot of food, some we loved, some we did not. Naturally, a meal with this many people isn’t complete without some cocktails to kick things off.

Connie and Teds (640x480)

Between us, there were a selection of libations including (from leftEndless Summer ($12) coconut-infused demerara rum, becherovka, pineapple puree, lemon juice, angostura bitters; Born In East LA ($12) reposado tequila, tamarind, lime, Mexican mole bitters, hellfire bitters, soda; Little Sicily ($12) white rye, cynar, dry vermouth; Briar Patch ($12) London dry gin, lavender blackberry coulis, rye, marionberry liqueur, lime, soda. Take a guess which one I had several of.

cocktails (640x425)

Our dinner began with Stuffies ($9/2pcs), one of my favorites of the evening. These clams were topped with bits of linguica, garlic, butter and breadcrumbs and browned in a broiler and when you spoon it out, you will get a plump, tender clam with rich flavors and crunchy bits to finish. A perfect umami-filled mouthful you will want more of.

stuffies (640x425)

Jo’s Wicked Good Chowda’ ($6 cup/$9 bowl/$11 sampling) offers up three different types: New England, Manhattan and Rhode Island Clear. Not surprising, the Asians at the table loved the clear over the others, which is reflective of the soups in our culture.

chowder sampler (640x425)

I’m not a big salad fan, but Smoked Albacore ($16) is presented as such and not as a salad even though there is a hefty portion of arugula, butternut squash and walnuts all tossed in a smoked lemon vinaigrette.

smoked albacore (640x425)

I’ve had my share of lobster rolls last year and this particular Lobster Roll ($24) is served either hot or cold and is accompanied by drawn butter or mayonnaise respectively. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a lobster roll which stood out even though the lobster itself was sweet and tender.

lobster roll (640x425)

My son had The Bacon Hook Burger ($15) and I’ll take his word for it that it was really good. Topped with Nueske’s bacon, Hook’s 4 year cheddar, pickles, onion, lettuce and 1000 island dressing, it sounds rather good for those who aren’t into seafood but came along anyway.

burger (640x425)

I wasn’t able to partake in Angels On Horseback ($12/3pcs or $18/5pcs) due to the oysters, however, my chef friend seated next to me insisted I taste the sauce which was lightly creamed and umami-filled! If I recall, these were oysters wrapped with bacon and baked, but please confirm with your server for the exact ingredients.

angels on horseback (640x425)

Nancy’s Peeky Toe Crabcake ($14) was decent, but didn’t wow. It was definitely light and not overly fiddled with and served with coleslaw and tartar sauce. I think Fishing With Dynamite has ruined it for me when it comes to crabcakes!

crabcake (640x425)

If you’re a fan of Fried Calamari ($10), then by all means get an order of these as well — with marinara or sauce figaro….

fried calamari (640x425)

…. Or, I preferred the Grilled Calamari ($12) served in a skillet with San Marzano tomatoes, garlic breadcrumbs and arugula.

grilled calamari (640x425)

Another of my favorites was Josephine’s Clam Cakes ($18/dozen). These hush puppy-like fritters are dotted with clams and simply incredible. They were awesome on their own but you can also dip it in the accompanying tartar sauce.

clam cakes (640x425)

Another was Live New Bedford Scallop ($23) grilled in its shell with lemon and salted butter. It was so tender and umami-filled I wish I had an entire one instead of sharing, but definitely pricey!

live new beckford scallop (640x425)

I’m a big fan of cioppino and bouillabaise so when I saw the description for Shellfish Marinara ($16), I knew I wanted it. You can choose between Manila clams or mussels or a combination of both, all combined together with a very piquant marinara sauce served with grilled bread.

shellfish marinara (640x425)

We also ordered Ed’s Portuguese Fish Stew ($22) which turned out to be very similar except there was fish (hake) and linguica as well as the Manila clams and mussels. I preferred this more than the previous one because it was a little more complex in flavors.

portuguese stew (640x425)

Unless you’re dying to have fish and chips, Joanne’s Fish and Chips ($21) is a give or take with me. It was just okay and nothing to write home about, but the fish is great quality, I just didn’t care much for the batter.

fish and chips (640x425)

We also ordered Wild White Mexican Shrimp ($25) which I wouldn’t recommend. The shrimp were grilled with lemon herb beurre blanc but there was a really strong taste of something synthetic we were all getting from them. Some said it tasted like gasoline/butane while others couldn’t put a finger on anything specific.

mexican shrimp (640x425)

The Catch of the Day (market price) was another item I don’t recommend. I can’t remember what kind of fish it was, but it was a white fish prepared either with an herb crust or with herb oil and lemon, we opted for the latter. The fish wasn’t anything special, a little bland even and really did not stand out among all the others. I would totally recommend skipping this as well.catch of the day (640x425)

Some of the sides were ordered as well such as Hot Buttered Rolls ($5) served in a skillet and is scorching when it hits the table. It’s great slathered with butter, but they were similar in texture to Hawaiian rolls which I’m not a fan of.

hot buttered rolls (640x425)

The Weiser’s French Fingerlings ($5) were okay, again, not worth bothering with when there are so many other things to try.

fingerlings (640x425)

We also shared two desserts but neither were stand-outs enough for me to want to write about them. Connie and Ted’s is worth a visit if only for the experience itself. The restaurant is unique and the cocktails delicious. Order a few items to share and call it a night. Just be prepared in advance that it won’t be a cheap meal.

Connie and Ted’s
8171 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Tel: 323-848-2722

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Bonefish Grill opens in Tustin

I was invited to a preview of Bonefish Grill months ago and returned again because what little I tasted was only a teaser and I wanted to try more before giving a verdict. Although the restaurant is part of a chain out of Florida, the restaurant does not have a chain feel to it. In fact, each location has its own unique design and this particular one is no different. I especially love the bonefish design on the back wall created with little pieces of metal components.

Start with a non-alcoholic refresher such as the Blackberry Smash ($3.50) in lieu of the regular soda or iced tea. We loved this fruit-filled drink which isn’t overly sweet either.

blackberrys smash (640x425)

We started with Bang Bang Shrimp ($10.90), something I tasted at the preview and is Bonefish’s signature dish. The lightly battered shrimp are tossed in a creamy sauce with a hint of spice and they remain crispy even till the very last one. It reminds me of a very good honey walnut shrimp — a dish I really dislike — without the cloying heaviness of mayo overuse. This is highly recommended.

bang bang shrimp (640x425)

Singapore Calamari ($9.90) is another great appetizer to share. The calamari is flash-fried with thin strips of red and green peppers and served with a sweet spicy Asian-inspired sauce.

calamari (640x425)

I love soup and naturally, Corn Chowder + Lump Crab ($6.90/cup or $7.70/bowl) caught my eye. It was a little thick for me, but the flavors were incredibly rich comprising a smokiness from the bacon and a subtle sweetness from the corn. There were bits of crab in every mouthful, leaving you feeling extremely satisfied indeed.

corn and crab chowder (640x425)

On Tuesdays, there are lobster specials and I wasn’t about to forego the Lobster Sliders + Fries ($7.90) I was teased with at the preview. These sliders are served on brioche rolls and there is a generous portion of lobster sandwiched in between. I like how it is not mayo-heavy and the bits of crunchy celery makes for delicious eating with great textural contrast. I was told they weren’t going to be on the Tuesday menu for much longer, so I hope you get a chance to try these before they disappear completely.

lobster sliders (640x425)

Our server suggested the Tilapia Imperial ($20.50), stuffed with a mixture of shrimp, scallops, crab meat, Gruyere and Parmesan cheeses drizzled with lemon caper butter. It was a bit heavy for me and the portion was pretty big so it can easily be shared.  

tilapia imperial (640x425)

If you are into surf and turf, the Lobster and Steak Duet ($16.90) off the specials menu may be the best bet. For under $17, you get a 6oz sirloin steak and a cold water lobster tail complete with a butter dipping sauce on the side. For $6 more you can upgrade to filet mignon.

surf and turf (640x425)

With your entrees you also have your choice of sides. Butternut Squash Ravioli ($3 extra) are four raviolis stuffed with a sweet butternut puree enveloped in a brown butter sage sauce.

butternut squash ravioli (640x425)

The Garlic Whipped Potatoes is a must because it is light and airy, yet decadent. I am always surprised when potatoes blow me away because the only potatoes I like are crispy French fries.

potatoes (640x425)

Those with a sweet tooth will love the desserts. I’m partial to the Key Lime Pie ($6.70) with a roasted pecan crust. The filling is wonderfully tart, just the way I like my sweets, and the crunch from the crust adds a fantastic component to the finished product.

key lime pie (640x425)

If you’re a chocolate fan, Macadamia Nut Brownie ($6.70) is the one you must choose. The flourless brownie comes with raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream and is sprinkled with crushed macadamia nuts.

flourless brownie (640x425)

Bonefish Grill is located at the Tustin Marketplace and there is ample parking so take your family for dinner because it’s definitely a family-friendly establishment.

Bonefish Grill
3040 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92782
Tel: 714-368-7613

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the Ways and Means of oysters and more

All the buzz about the newly opened Ways and Means was the reason why Austin and I ended up here for dinner. I was amazed at the transformation, of what they’ve done to the old Spiro’s where I had breakfast all those years ago. The decor exudes charm and class, yet, the feeling is very casual. The juxtaposition of the two makes it the perfect spot for celebrations as well as an impromptu meal out when you don’t feel like cooking.

WAYS AND MEANS (640x360)

The menu is seafood-heavy, but it doesn’t mean meat lovers are left out — quite the contrary. There is definitely something for everyone, both young and old alike.

The restaurant offers an 8-course tasting menu for a mere $75. After listening to the choices, I was interested, however, my allergy to oysters prohibited me from participating in at least two of the courses. Ordinarily, the entire party has to order the tasting menu, but after much persuasion, they made an exception for me to order a la carte while Austin went with the tasting — you won’t be able to do this unfortunately but you can always ask.

After you’ve placed your order, a beautifully lavish platter of breads is presented with a mound of Irish butter to slather your choices with. I was immediately enamored with the Guinness bread, a rich, almost cake-like piece of slightly sweet deliciousness. I was trying SO hard not to eat too many carbs before my food arrived. The other standouts were the sundried tomato and also, the curry.

bread selection (640x425)

Call me excessive, but I can’t go to a restaurant and just order an appetizer, entree and dessert. What fun is that? I like to taste a variety of dishes to get a good feel of the menu, and if that means taking a bite or two and then pushing them to the side, then so be it. Usually, I’ll just tell the server to box things up as I go along. Therefore, it isn’t surprising when I order three appetizers to start off our meal — yes, I know Austin is eating an 8-course meal as well!

My review will present the dishes with its a la carte prices even though we may have had it as part of the prix fixe. I apologzie if any confusion arises from that.

Before anything else, an amuse bouche of quail egg filled with finely diced ahi tuna is presented to us.

amuse bouche (640x425)

Caesar Salad ($11) was on the recommendation of our server Stan. Baby cos lettuce was too overdressed for my liking, but I was blown away by the crab meat Scotch egg. So many restaurants are embracing the concept of serving Scotch eggs as an appetizer but few can really execute it correctly. I love the use of crab instead of ground meat, making this light and crispy but so packed with flavor!

caesar salad (640x425)

I absolutely loved the Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs ($6) which had the most delicate egg whites ever. I’ve been experiencing very rubbery egg whites on deviled eggs lately and was so delighted by its perfection. Wild watercress and lemon oil are featured as well.

salmon deviled eggs (640x425)

Salmon Rilettes ($12) was served outside of a jar — something a little different — with red onions, watercress and lemon aioli. A really generous portion which should definitely be shared.

salmon rilettes (640x425)

I wasn’t a big fan of the Kataifi-style crabcakes ($14). I didn’t care for the minuscule shards the crab was shredded into in order for it to have the same texture as the kataifi phyllo (which is similar to shredded wheat). By doing so, I couldn’t really tell I was eating crab had it not been presented as such.

kataifi style crabcake (640x425)

The Oyster Ceviche course I’m not able to provide you with any information apart from how lovely it looked!

oyster (640x425)

Tuna Tartare ($14) comprised a tower seasoned with gherkin, caper and harissa, topped with a quail’s egg and served with whole wheat toast. The most amazing thing was the little boiled quail’s egg served alongside — it revealed a runny interior!

tuna tartare (640x425)

The Ravioli ($19) was decadent, stuffed with chunks of lobster, goat cheese and basil atop a basque-style stew of peppers. Since I don’t care for goat cheese, it wasn’t really my thing, but Austin loved it. I, on the other hand delighted in the stew of peppers which was so rich in flavors and decadent in aromas I couldn’t stop picking at it.

lobster ravioli (640x425)

Bamboo Steamed Halibut ($36) is a little misleading because although there is a piece of halibut, the star of the plate was the cumin spiced Savoy cabbage with braised oxtail, baby leeks and red wine dressing peeking through from underneath. The oxtail was tender and oh-so-packed with flavor. I could have eaten an entire plate of it sans fish.

halibut (640x425)

I’m a huge duck fan and Roasted Muskovy [sic] Duck Breast ($33) was prepared to perfection, nicely pink in the center. Served with butternut puree, puy lentils, sunny side up quail’s egg and an apple walnut salad, I loved the lentils and the sweetness of the butternut squash. The salad was a very refreshing palate cleanser after the richness of the duck.

muscovy duck (640x425)

If you’re a carnivore, then by all means order the Prime Rib Eye ($52), a hefty 16-ozer 40 days dry-aged CG2 (a unique drying process they’ve developed with the purveyor) — which they tell me does not include the weight of the bone — prepared to your liking. Ours was medium rare and served with bearnaise sauce, although Stan brought out some peppercorn sauce as well.

steak (640x425)

One of the sides was Lobster Mac n Cheese ($14), with a generous lobster claw laid on top.

lobster mac n cheese (640x425)

Colcannon Creamy Mash ($5) is another side and is a must! Please do not omit this from your dinner. It is some of the best smooth mashed potatoes I’ve ever had, and I do not like mashed potatoes! Decadent and oh so sinfully good!

creamy mash (640x425)

The tasting menu also included a cheese course as well as a dessert course. Cheeses included Laura Chenel chevre, Stilton and Port Salut, a semi-soft pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Pays de la Loire in France. The latter two are my dad’s favorite which means I am very familiar with them having eaten a lot in the past. The accompanying home made fig preserves paired exquisitely with the blue.cheese plate (640x360)

Our trio of desserts were the last course from the tasting menu, miniature sizes of the full sized portions ($8 each) seemed ideal for me regardless and it was a huge meal indeed if opting for the tasting menu.

Even though I’m not a fan of apples, the Granny Smith Apple Cobbler was very good. The crumble on top was the right texture to go with the apples underneath which had a lovely tart finish. The cinnamon creme fraiche ice cream was delicious as well.

My favorite was the Traditional Lemon Tart  with sour cream and topped with a quinelle of blueberry sorbet and warm blueberries alongside. I love tart desserts and this was exquisite on my palate. Both the blueberries and lemon offered up a nice acidity for a great finish to a meal.

But that’s not to say Warm Valhrona Chocolate Cake wasn’t just as good. In fact, the sinfully rich dark chocolate is hard to resist. It was decadence in a cup so to speak and I would have eaten a lot more had I not been immensely full from everything we ate.

dessert (640x425)

The tasting menu is so generous I could not have finished all 8 courses on my own. Even though the portions are smaller than its a la carte counterparts, it is still larger than just a mouthful and you will leave wishing you had worn stretch pants to this meal.

Ways and Means
513 E Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92866
Tel: 714-516-1800

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new menu items at The Capital Grille

Although we visit The Capital Grille many times a year, I haven’t written anything about them in a while. My last visit here for lunch with my girl friends prompted me to post something about some of the new items on their “Plates” menu. The “Plates” menu is a very reasonable lunch-time offering with three items for $18 and there are various items to choose from. We always start with one of their soups and the “Plates” menu offers either the classic Clam Chowder, or the new Porcini Bisque.

Clam Chowder is always a favorite. My son loves it and so do I. Thick and hearty, they never skimp on ingredients and you’ll find plump clams dotted throughout this flavorful soup.

clam chowder (640x425)

I loved the new Porcini Bisque, a creamy soup with an earthy mushroom finish with a drizzle of chive oil. It adds just a little zing to the aromatic composition — not needed, but much appreciated.

porcini soup (640x425)

The Lobster Bisque ($13 cup/$15 bowl) is not on the menu, but know it is always available — just ask! This is something one of us always order because not only is the soup portion of it delightful, but the large chunks of sweet lobster swimming in it makes my mouth water. This is one of their signature menu items and definitely not to be missed if you like lobster bisque. Sherry is offered tableside if you wish to add that to the already flavorful concoction.

lobster bisque (640x425)

Moving on to entrees, the “Plates” menu offers Seared Sea Scallops with creamed corn and arugula instead of the Israeli couscous from last season. Luscious scallops are cooked to perfection and comes four to a plate. Very generous portion indeed!

scallops (640x425)

Another new item is the Dry Aged Sirloin Hash. My son loved this dish albeit not so much the runny egg on top (he’ll ask for it to be cooked through next time), but he devoured the steak and potato chunks with vigor. Topped with crispy onions, this is definitely an item for those carnivores at heart.

sirloin hash (640x425)

There is also a choice of sides with the “Plates” menu and while the Truffle Fries are always a good option…..

truffle fries (640x425)

…… I chose the new fall item of Roasted Butternut Squash with cranberry pear chutney. This dish really gets you into fall and gets you excited about the holiday season coming up soon.

squash (640x425)

One of my friends chose the Salmon Salad ($18) with endive and pear slices instead of the “Plates” menu. The salmon was moist and oh so tender. If you’re looking for a light alternative this is definitely the one to go with.

salmon (640x425)

As stated before, we always love coming to The Capital Grille whether it be for lunch or dinner. Food is great and service is always very attentive. There is also complimentary valet parking, just get your ticket stamped by the hostess before you leave.

This week, I have a $50 giftcard for one lucky reader to win courtesy of The Capital Grille. Please leave me a comment with your FULL name and tell me why you love eating here, and/or, if you haven’t already been here, why you would like to visit. Entries close on Sunday, Oct 20, winner will be announced on Monday, Oct 21. Good Luck!

The Capital Grille
3333 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: 714-432-1140

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