A gem so hidden you’ll never find it

I had seen this place when I went to Doner G and I thought it had an interesting name, but didn’t give much thought to it until several people mentioned it to me. After that, I had to check it out! This little Vietnamese deli is in the same plaza as Doner G and sits behind the car wash and is a mom and pop business serving both as a small grocery store as well as a restaurant.

I asked my friend who lives in Anaheim to join me for an early lunch seeing I wanted to try a bunch of things and there was no way I would be able to finish it all on my own.

As soon as we enter, we were greeted by a very friendly lady who asked us what she could get for us. I’d wanted to try several things and after I perused the board and ended up getting more than what I had originally planned. Thank god Gerry was there to help me polish all this food off.

We started with banh mi, a foot-long Vietnamese sandwich, filled with shredded rotisserie chicken ($2.89), In true banh mi style, there was do chua (pickled julienned carrots and daikon), cilantro and jalapeno (if you asked for spicy).

They make the rotisserie chicken in-house and is flavored with an Asian style marinade consisting mainly of soy sauce and other seasonings. The sandwich is good, but needed a even more of a kick than what the jalapeno was doing, so I squeezed some sambal oelek into it which did the trick.

Ca Ri Ga or chicken curry ($5.50) is served with your choice of rice or bread and arrives in a bowl swimming with carrots and potatoes. The curry is mild and although the sauce is on the watery side, the flavors are good. I can really taste the coconut milk in here. The bread soaks up the sauce pretty well and we do this until all the bread is gone. We didn’t want to waste any of it.

The same shredded chicken used in the banh mi is also served with sticky rice ($3.50) and I thought tasted more flavorful than when eaten as part of a banh mi. Fried shallots are sprinkled on top of this dish giving it an additional southeast Asian flavor to it. It is a filling meal for a very small price.

They’ve recently added lemongrass beef banh mi ($3.99) and I highly recommend this if you want a tasty Vietnamese sandwich! The meat is very aromatic, flavorful and very delicious. If you don’t want to eat a sandwich, you can also have the beef with rice, eggs and soup for $6.50.

Although I didn’t try the chicken udon noodles ($4.75) the table next to me ordered it so I asked if they would let me take a photo. They kindly allowed me to. The broth used in the udon is house-made chicken stock so you know it is just like home-made.

The store also sells fresh poultry and eggs. I brought a chicken home and made chicken soup with it, plus 2 dozen eggs. I loved the eggs because the yolks were so plump, but the chicken was just okay. I still prefer the ones at Dakao Poultry. The rotisserie chicken used in the dishes we ate are also available to take home whole.

If you live in the area, this place is a great place to stop by for great cheap eats and pick up a dozen eggs while you’re at it. For me, it’s quite a trek to just drive on over for banh mi and chicken curry, but if I ever find myself in the area craving a banh mi, I’ll definitely think of this place! The owners are friendly and lovely and I am always a firm believer in supporting small independent businesses! Go check them out!

OC Poultry & Rotisserie
2117 E Ball Road
Anaheim, CA 92806
Tel: 714-780-0225

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>Michael’s Kitchen — just say NO!

Whenever you’re starving and you see a place which looks nondescript and perhaps not a good idea to stop at, stick with your first instincts! It’s not! This is what happened when I was starving and stopped into this fish and chip place. Well, they have fish and chips AND Chinese food. That alone should have tipped me off. Anyway, the fish sucked. The fried zucchini was okay — everything was super super greasy! The guy’s really nice though, but he does try to upsell, so make sure you aren’t sucked into buying stuff you don’t really want.

Michael’s Kitchen, 15446 Goldenwest St, Westminster, CA 92683. Tel: 714-893-8080
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