>Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa — chewy, savory, yummy

>I love these suckers — banh khot — but I only like ’em at this place. Other restaurants uses the same mixture as banh xeo (Vietnamese crepes) to make these little “cups” but I don’t like that taste simply cuz it’s on the sweet side. Khanh Hoa uses the same mixture as banh beo to make the banh khot so you get a crispy exterior with a slightly chewy interior with toppings such as dried shrimp and scallions finished off with nuoc mam (fish sauce). I’ve had them elsewhere but these are my fave! They specialize in nem nuong cuon (grilled pork rolls) and they give Brodard a run for their money.

Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa, 9738 Westminster Ave, Westminster, CA 92684. Tel: 714-539-3710

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