>Pupuseria San Sivar — a pupusa I finally like

>Chicken soup, carne asada, quesadillas, tacos, hey, it’s all here! Nope it ain’t a Mexican place, it’s El Salvadorean! They’re known for their pupusas and these puppies are goooooooood! I never liked pupusas before so I’ve tried to stay away, but these are totally different. Stuffed with various ingredients, they’re poofy and soft and very very tasty. I had the chiccharon y frijol pupusa (pictured). Chicken soup is muy delicioso! You get a quarter chicken and a big bowl of hearty soup filled with veggies and whole chicken gizzards. YUM! Complimentary slaw which tastes like kimchi coleslaw goes perfectly with everything. This is one of those times when I’m speechless after eating. I was so fulfilled I sat silently in a perpetual state of food comatose bliss on the drive home.

Pupuseria San Sivar, 1940 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Tel: 949-650-2952

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