>Mimi’s Cafe — first instinct is always right

>Should’ve stuck with my first choice of eggs Benedict. I kept thinking I’d been eating lots of eggs this week so I better be good and go for something healthier. I went with the low carb breakfast of egg whites omelette with broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes. It was really bland. My friend had the Benedict and I had a taste — it was really good! The thick cut ham instead of Canadian bacon works here and poached eggs are perfectly oozy. My veg omelette comes with a glass of OJ and some dry toast. Sure my omelette was healthy, but it was tasteless. Hmmm…. healthy or tasty — what do you think I’d much rather have?

Mimi’s Cafe, 4030 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604. Tel: 949-559-8840

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