>Formosa — comfort all around

>It’s rainy, cold and I’m in the mood for some comfort food. The question is, what kind of comfort food? Well, today I wanted Chinese. So here we were at Formosa and I’m debating between soup noodles and my friend, kung pao chicken, and we just thought, what the hell, they give you free soup with your lunch anyway, so we got some dishes to share. The next table had beef stir fried noodles and they looked good! That’s what we want I told Vivian, the owner’s wife. My friend got his kung pao chicken and we got some string beans as well. You just can’t go wrong with this place for a cheap and quick lunch. Don’t take my word for it. Just go!

Formosa, 23702 Rockfield Blvd, Lake Forest, CA 92630. Tel: 949-458-7125

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    >That look so good right now. Mostly cause I’ve been getting sicker as the day goes on and Thai or Chinese sound so awesome at the moment. :(I’ll try the noodles next time.

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    >I’m eating this right now at my desk. I asked them to make it spicy and they totally did. They rock.It’s funny, everything here tastes different to me… like, it’s the first Chinese place I’ve ever eaten at that doesn’t taste American. The flavor is as it should be for the most part.I will be a regular here soon enough, when we move offices. Maybe they’ll recommend some good stuff for me over time. They’re so darn friendly!

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    >yeah, Charlie cracks me up cuz every time he sees us he’ll say ‘taste good, no?’ in Chinese to me. his wife is more reserved, but she doesn’t like people to waste food and if you have anything leftover, she either makes you take it with you or finish it.

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