>Santora’s Hot Wings — hot or not?

>Been shopping and was wanting some wings and remembered there was a place up the road. Menu said sauces were mild, medium, hot, extra hot and nuclear. I said I wasn’t sure how spicy the extra hot and nuclear were so my server suggested getting them extra hot with nuclear on the side. Good idea! Took a long time for my wings to arrive, but that only meant they were made to order and fresh. They tasted okay, chicken was still crispy, but the sauce, oh the sauce, it wasn’t hot at all. Not even the nuclear. The nuclear was kinda on the mild to medium side. BUMMER! I couldn’t finish the order of 10 wings so I brought them home, but on the drive back the smell was making me feel sick. Bleh! I think if I’m hankering for wings, I’ll stick to BBQ Chicken’s Teri-Gold wings… thank you very much!

Santora’s Pizzas Subs and Wings, 28251 Marguerite Parkway, Suite 1, Mission Viejo, CA 92692. Tel: 949-364-3282

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