>Sushi Zen Bistro — just roll with it

>I’m always wary about fusion restaurants, however, hunger took over and we ate at *GASPS* a fusion restaurant. I wasn’t gonna order much but my son wanted noodles with tempura so I gave in. I also ordered some spicy tuna rolls and spicy albacore rolls to share with my husband. I think if you just ate the rolls here you won’t be sorry. They’re not bad and they don’t pile on the rice. The udon — they were the packaged kind — with tempura — battered so thick it was actually hard to eat. Put that together with the greasiness and your mouth is left with a coating of unwanted oil that lingers forever and ever. The happy hour here seems really great…. discounts on rolls, handrolls and drinks. If you just want to try it out, I suggest coming for happy hour, eat some above average rolls and have a beer and call it a night. Just stay away from the tempura. It’s pretty goddamn awful!

Sushi Zen Bistro, 1875 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Tel: 949-722-2520
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