>Hoang Yen — bun bo hue goodness

>On a cold morning, the best remedy to warm your tummy is a hot bowl of noodles, but what kind? Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese? This time I wanted Vietnamese. I heard of a new place and went to try the Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodles). I asked for no blood cubes and no pork knuckle, just beef. The bowl was HUGE and they were so generous on the beef. The broth was flavorful and together with the cabbage chiffonade, two types of perilla leaves and bean sprouts, I was slurping up the soup with pure joy. The noodles were a tad softer than how I like ’em but still pretty good. I couldn’t finish the whole thing. I ate half the noodles, all the wonderful slices of beef — banana shank no less — and most of the soup. When you’re done, they even give you a bowl of complimentary che (Vietnamese dessert). YUM!

Hoang Yen, 9600 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA 92683. Tel: 714-531-8833

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