>Yu’s Garden — I likee!

>I often come here by myself whenever I want a quick lunch. You choose your items from a ‘steam table’ except most of the items are cold. My favorites are the vegetarian options. I usually get bitter melon, tofu sheets with celery and carrots and either dried tofu strips or bamboo shoots. The selection is impressive ranging from ‘three cup chicken’ to stewed pork and you can choose two or three items to go with either steamed rice or sweet potato porridge. If you go with a bunch of people you can all get a variety of things and share, which is what I do when I come with my family. The new owner is a really sharp lady. She remembers you even if you’ve only been once. When I went today she asked me where my mom and aunt were — great memory since I’ve only been there one time with them. Generally, I fly solo when I come here.

Yu’s Garden, 5408 Walnut Avenue, Irvine, CA 92604. Tel: 949-654-2366

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