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I’m not a fan of burritos — there I said it! But when I got to Taco Mesa and saw the lobster burrito (pictured) something inside screamed “get it”. I had read somewhere that this is what they are famous for and when I brought it up to my friend, he said “get it, we can split it”. I thought “okay, if I don’t like it I can maybe grab some tacos too”. So there we were with the lobster burrito which comes with rice and black beans, and it had some cream sauce over it. I cut and took a piece and put it into my mouth. Oh my GOD! It was delicious! There were bits of ‘lobster’ — I don’t think it really was lobster but rather some crustacean which resembled it — spinach, and some other things in there. There was no beans and rice inside the burrito and thank God for that because that’s the reason why I despise burritos so much. I hate having everything crammed into a wrap. Naturally, the one burrito wasn’t enough for the both of us and so we ended up having to get a couple of tacos and some pozole as well. I didn’t care for the pozole too much, it was the red version and the pork was very gamey. The taco al pastor was flavorful, I would get that again, but the carnitas pibil was really tasteless and bland. Their salsa bar has a bunch of salsas but what I loved were the pickled veggies! There is no doubting that when I return again, I am headed straight for the lobster burrito and this time, no sharing! I’m eating it ALL myself!

Taco Mesa, 647 W 19th Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Tel: 949-642-0629

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    >well after this it goes to show that I probably only dislike burritos because of the beans and rice! If I had only meat and condiments like cilantro, onions, I'd probably like it — who knows?

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