a retail spot for Blackmarket Bakery

If you’re a frequent Irvine Farmers Market visitor, you will be familiar with Blackmarket Bakery‘s baked goods enticing you each week with its croissants, pastries, cookies and more. Prior to now, the bakery has been predominantly wholesale, offering only a very limited selection at its Skypark Circle kitchen.

Just after the new year, the bakery’s highly awaited first retail location opened at The Camp and I was there early one morning to check it out while it was still quiet but it smelled great since all the ovens were on with things baking away.

blackmarket1 (640x361)

My friend and I started with some coffee and ordered some food. I perused the display case and was attracted by all the sweet treats on offer such as the array of scones including apricot ginger which we ordered.

scone (640x361)

If you’re a fan of coconut, then the coconut macaroons (yes, macaroons and NOT macarons — that is one of my pet peevees when people get ‘em wrong) will definitely be your choice.

macaroons (640x361)

It’s breakfast and if you can’t decide, there is always a muffin or two for you to grab and take to work with you.

muffins (640x361)

I’m more a croissant gal so those caught my eye. We ended up getting a savory croissant to share seeing I can’t have only sweets in any given meal.

basket of pastries (640x361)

Our garlic artichoke croissant is one of many I regularly purchase from the Irvine’s Farmers Market. The mushroom one is especially good.

artichoke and garlic pastry (640x361)

The menu here also includes sandwiches so if you want one of those, you can go that route too. There are sweet ones, savory ones, as well as sweet AND savory ones which is always my favorite!

The Nacho Libre ($6.65) is a great sandwich with American cheese, jalapenos, chopped bacon and roasted red peppers. This concoction has a nice kick to it and works for me whether it’s breakfast or lunch.

nacho libre (640x361)

I also tried my friend’s Swiss Account ($5.70) — Swiss cheese, apricot butter and chopped bacon — a tad too sweet for me, but the bacon’s saltiness offset the apricot butter very nicely.

swiss account (640x361)

If you’ve never had the Cabernet pasta Blackmarket makes you can pick some up here, along with the Cabernet brownie and other items. The pasta is pretty awesome!

This week, I have a gift basket to giveaway. Chef Rachel has generously donated what I call a “Chef’s Choice Basket” for one of my readers to win. It’s a compilation of goodies from the bakery, all personally chosen by Chef Rachel. Leave me a comment with your FULL name and tell me what your favorite Blackmarket Bakery item is for a chance to win. Entries close on Friday 18th. Good Luck!

Blackmarket Bakery at The Camp
2937 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: 714-662-3095

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27 thoughts on “a retail spot for Blackmarket Bakery

  1. I am not sure if I have ever tried anything from Black Market. Looks like I need to add them to my list for sure!!

  2. I love Nacho Libre just because of the name but I’m sure it’s delicious! And I’m coocoo for coconuts so those coconut macaroons look like a must!
    -Stephanie han

  3. I like their chocolate shortbread cookie. I’ve been a fan of theirs ever since I’ve had their baked goods at one of the Yelp events. I missed on some of the fundraising efforts for theirs to open this shop and really would love to try their products. ..in a basket form! :) I think Blackmarket Bakery will do well because they have such a following.

  4. Is this where we leave the comments?

    Terri Henry says…

    I love MULTIPLE things that Blackmarket Bakery makes – I enjoy them at Keene Coffee in Tustin.

    terri b-card blue cropped 300 copy

  5. I went to their pre-opening party and enjoyed all their new offerings. I think I will need to try the Nacho Libre and the garlic artichoke croissant the next time I visit the shop!

  6. I’ve never had the pleasure of trying Blackmarket Bakery although I’m dying to. That garlic artichoke croissant sounds really good and if they have a chocolate croissant I’d be all over that too! ~Adrea Reed

  7. I would love to try the Cabernet brownie! Chocolate and red wine! Great combo. Thanks.

  8. Whenever we are at the Irvine Farmers Market, Blackmarket Bakery is the first stall I head for. I absolutely adore coconut so the macaroons are my favorite!

  9. I am crazy about coconut macaroons, I would love to try the macaroons, with a great big glass of cold milk~Yummy!

  10. My favorite Blackmarket Bakery item is the bazaar twist. I always pick one up from their farmers market booth on Saturday. The cardamom, pistachios, and orange zest are a unique but tasty combination.

  11. haven’t tried anything yet but i love bakeries so i’ll definitely check them out. thanks

  12. Sean solomon. I love blackmarket bakery and chef rachel is
    Awesome. The cabernet brownies as well as cabernet pasta
    Are to die for.
    Hopefully I can win the basket…best wishes to chef rachel
    And congrats on her success….

  13. It’s a cross between cheese/bacon strata and the nacho libre….both are amazing!

  14. I’m a macaroon snob and first impressions of a bakery/patisserie are the macaroons, based on the simplicity of it all. How can you possibly ruin a simple blob of coconut? Perfect macaroons are caramelized chewy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside, not as small as a ping pong ball and not as big as a baseball and definitely no chocolate or drizzles of any sort necessary… Does it stack up? I’ll have to stop by this week to try it out! ~Pam Weingarten

  15. Rachel’s florentine bars make you want for more…and more and more and more
    It’s all good

  16. I do love their coconut macaroons and I’d totally love to try the garlic artichoke croissants. Glad the BMB is in a location I go often. Could be dangerous :)

  17. BMB in Skypark has been our go to place for birthday party cupcakes for several years now. Always the right size and perfect sweetness. Looking forward to The Camp location for sandwiches and lots more goodies. Think I am going to go tomorrow!

  18. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting or trying Black Market Bakery, but the Nacho Libre looks super yummy!

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